Samantha Brown Biography

Samantha Elizabeth Brown, popularly recognized as Samantha Brown, is a renowned American TV host, recognized for her work as the hold of numerous Travel Channel shows including Girl Meets Hawaii, great Vacation Homes, an excellent Hotels, Passport to Europe, Passport to Latin America, an excellent Weekends, environment-friendly Getaways, Passport to China, and Samantha Brown’s Asia.

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As that 2012, Brown has made her own travel luggage called Samantha Brown: Travel America. She has actually visited 62 countries. In January 2018, she started hosting Samantha Brown’s locations to Love ~ above PBS. That is presented on PBS train station nationwide and is on the PBS website and also app. Brown is at this time a resident of Brooklyn, new York.

Samantha Brown Age

Brown is 51 years old as of 2021, she to be born on march 31, 1970, in Dallas, Texas, the United says of America. She celebrates she birthday on in march 31, every year, and her birth sign is Aries.

Samantha Brown Height

Brown stands in ~ a elevation of 5 feet 2 inch (160 cm, 1.6 m). However, details concerning her various other body measurements are right now not publicly available. We will upgrade this section once the information is available.

Samantha Brown Weight

Brown Weighs 53 kilograms (116.84 Ibs). known for she beautiful smile and charming personality, Brown has dark brown eyes and the shade of her hair is blond. Her gorgeous eye shade is among her many striking features.

Samantha Brown Education

Brown is a very educated and qualified woman. She i graduated from Pinkerton Academy in Derry, new Hampshire. Brown performed v Music and also Drama Company through award-winning designer Brian Sidney Bembridge, take it 12 years of voice lessons, attend Chapman University, and transferred to Syracuse University to examine musical theater.

Samantha Brown Family: Parents and also Siblings

Brown to be born come both parents in Dallas, TX. Her father Christopher D. Brown is a affluent businessman who owns Conproco Corporation located in Dover, N.H. Brown’s mother Elsie Mae Brown serves together an administrative assistant at Albright College. ~ doing ours research, details around her siblings space not available. However, as quickly as information about her father, mother, brothers, and also sisters is available we shall upgrade her household members.

Samantha Brown Husband

Samantha obtained married to her lovely husband Kevin J. O’Leary at Cambridge, MD ~ above 28 Oct 2006 in ~ a private wedding ceremony to visit by near friends and also family. The couple is blessed v two children, twins named Ellis James and Elizabeth Mae. The family members resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brown’s husband Kevin J. O’Leary is a renowned American producer. He is famous for his work-related on the film Samantha Brown’s areas to Love (2018). Additionally, Brown’s husband is a manager of technology projects.

Samantha Brown Children: Twins

Samantha and her lover spouse Kevin J. O’Leary room blessed v two adorable kids from your 15 years-plus-marriage. The couple welcomed twins, Ellie James, and Elizabeth Mae on jan 17, 2013, in Brooklyn, new York.

Samantha Brown Salary

Brown obtain an average annual salary of in between $24,292 and $72,507. This converts to an hourly typical wage of in between $10.15 and $31.32. This is per our mean wage estimates for a tv Personality in the joined States. However, these figures may vary significantly according come the level of seniority that the employee. At the moment, we carry out not have actually the specific salary yet we will upgrade this section as soon as the details is available.

Samantha Brown network Worth

Brown has actually an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million dollars together of 2021. This contains her assets, money, and also income. She primary resource of revenue is she career together a television Personality. V her miscellaneous sources of income, Brown has been able to accumulate a an excellent fortune however prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Samantha Brown Measurements and Facts

Here are some interesting facts and body dimensions you need to know around Samantha.

Samantha Brown Wikipedia

Samantha Brown PhotoFull Names: Samantha Elizabeth Brown.Popular As: Samantha Brown.Gender: Female.Occupation / Profession: TV personality.Nationality: American.Race / Ethnicity: White.Religion: Christian.Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Samantha Brown take trip Career

Brown’s underlying job remembered working for notices, noticeably playing the delegate “Wendy Wire” for an association called Century Cable. She showed up within the HP Pavilion “PC is an individual Again” plugs. Besides, she is the agent because that ECCO shoes. Also, was furthermore an agent in a 2009 business for Cedar point excitement mecca. She is locked in v the comedy sketch load “Mouth”, arranged in brand-new York, whereby she has lived for over 12 years.

In 1999 and also 2000, the take trip Channel was in search of a advance host, and also Brown to be picked ~ a motion of tryouts. In her task as the host, she familiarizes watchers v journey objectives and also motels in the unified States and around the world, likewise as reflecting bistros and tasks at those objectives.

As breakthrough has, Brown endeavors 230 days out of the year and takes eight work to movie an hour-long scene. Due to the fact that joining the framework, Brown has urged a couple of game plans consisting of Girl Meets Hawaii, great Vacation Homes, good Hotels, Passport come Europe, Passport to great Weekends, and Passport come Latin America.

Despite her conventional shows, Brown encouraged a couple of travel Channel specials, because that instance, the 2006 all-get to interesting good Cruises: flexibility of the Seas with Samantha Brown on board the freedom of the Seas undertaking to send, the greatest voyager carry on earth at the duration of that is dispatch.

Going before that, she motivated a 12-night Mediterranean Venice undertaking on board the Brilliance the the Seas journey dispatch. The going through the show was titled Samantha Brown’s very first Cruise. In 2007, she encouraged an excellent titled Passport to environment-friendly Getaways, a travelog to 3 eco-obliging missions in phibìc America.

In 2007, Brown had two shows in progress. In April 2007, exploration Networks comprehensive that she would have another game plan titled Passport to good Weekends … v Samantha Brown featuring Brown researching 48-hour escape areas in the US and also abroad. In September 2007, she remained in Beijing, record Passport come China, which communicates in July 2008, just prior to the Beijing Olympics.

In 2008, Brown verified up Passport to great Weekends, which verified her in one inexorably easygoing light similarly as following her ~ above dynamically fascinating, unexpected journeys. Scene would look for after the combination of her arrival in an objective on a Friday night and wrap up v her leaving on Sunday evening. The consequent season’s title was adjusted to Samantha Brown’s great Weekends and incorporated one more introduction, anyway usually a similar association.

On February 8, 2010, the take trip Channel shown “Samantha Brown’s tenth Anniversary Special” to watch Brown’s ten years as host. On April 9, 2010, she appeared on The Price Is best to display a development-themed show-off. Top top July 12, 2010, “Samantha Brown’s Asia” was released ~ above the travel Channel.

In Anthony Bourdain’s “Christmas Special” scene of No Reservations, an initial flowed in ~ the U.S. On December 12, 2011, Samantha Brown appeared in a section that caricaturized both she persona and the claimed conflict between the “enthusiastic” Brown and also the “strained” Bourdain.

Around an identical time, an ext with referral to she sound “youngster near by” picture, Brown encouraged a video journey through the new Disney resort in Hawaii, which to be conveyed and also released through Disney to propel the Disney vacation Club. In the pre-summer that 2013, Samantha shot an additional pilot for the travel Channel in ~ the Yellowstone district yet Brown tweeted at the time that she couldn’t mention it ~ above account the a neurotic dread that reviling the errand.

The venture later exhibited to it is in two model scenes of “Samantha Brown’s Cash Attack,” a development-related game show. Brown caught vacationers’ well known travel objectives and also permitted lock an possibility to victory cash by reaction to has tendency to relate come the ar or probably performing travel troubles. The two scenes circled ~ above November 26, 2013.

Brown fill in together a co-host of The Trip: 2014, a sweepstakes event that took watchers on an excursion through Spain and Morocco. Brown was likewise a co-have for The Trip: 2015 in Hawaii, which originally unveiled in February 2015. She was found in the take trip Channel food of activity 50/50 v co-have kris Grundy in 2015 and also Track under Samantha Brown.

In the pre-summer of 2017, Brown left the travel Channel and also later started shooting an additional course of action for PBS, Samantha Brown’s areas to Love. Together demonstrated by PBS, the sports plan, an initial airing ~ above Epiphany, 2018, attributes Brown browsing “the small known spots and frequents to be pioneers and disrupters room making a flawless take trip understanding.

Notwithstanding whether it’s sustenance and also drink, craftsmanship and also arrangement, society or experience, ~ above the brink the the piece of the transaction watchers will have actually a an extremely curated once-over that experiences that accentuation ~ above the foremost ideal approach to go to one objective even as the method to have actually a spot through it.”

In in march 2019, Samantha Brown’s areas to Love gained three Daytime Emmy assignments, for outstanding Travel/Adventure Program, impressive Directing in a way of life Program, and Outstanding organize in a way of living Program. On may 3, 2019, Samantha Brown’s places to choose won the Emmy for impressive Travel/Adventure Program and Brown won the Emmy for superior Host.

Samantha Brown new Show: Samantha Show

Samantha Brown’s locations to Love

Samantha explores the emotional heart of travel and also the civilization who change, challenge, and also strengthen a destination.

Samantha Brown Passport to Europe

The lively host offers a complete bundle visit for simple chair voyagers together she visits a progression of brilliant european spots, supplying both handy tips on must-see sights and excellent housing, simply as a structure on the background and culture of every ar she visits.

On every excursion, Brown associate with local people and visits ar tourist spots, consisting of prevalent eateries and shopping goals. Amongst the spots, Brown visits on her activities are Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Munich, and also Zurich.

First episode date: 31 December 2004 Final illustration date: 29 august 2006 Network: travel Channel

HSN Samantha Brown

Visit HSN by click HERE.

Samantha Brown TV Shows

Passport come EuropePassport come Latin AmericaGreat HotelsGirl Meets HawaiiBrown’s great WeekendsBrown’s AsiaPassport to AsiaPassport to China50-50

Frequently request Questions around Samantha Brown

Who is Samantha Brown?

Brown is one American TV host, known for her occupational as the host of numerous Travel Channel shows consisting of Girl Meets Hawaii, good Vacation Homes, good Hotels, Passport come Europe, Passport come Latin America, great Weekends, environment-friendly Getaways, Passport come China, and also Brown’s Asia.

How old is Samantha Brown?

Brown is one American national born on march 31, 1970, in Dallas, Texas, the United claims of America.

How high is Samantha Brown?

Brown stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 2 inch (160 cm, 1.6 m).

Is Samantha Brown married?

Yes, Brown is married come Kevin J. O’Leary. They acquired married ~ above 28 Oct 2006 and also together they have two children, twins Ellis James and also Elizabeth Mae. The pair resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. Along with their children.

How lot is Samantha Brown worth?

Brown has a network worth that $1.5 Million dollars as of 2021. This amount has been accrued from she leading functions in the entertain industry.

Where walk Samantha live?

Brown is a resides of Brooklyn, NY USA. Furthermore, as quickly as we have her specific location the residence we shall upload images of her residence immediately.

Is Samantha dead or alive?

Brown is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of her being ailing or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Samantha Now?

Brown is pursuing her career in journalism. She is functioning as a television hold for various Travel Channel shows.

Samantha society Media Contacts

Facebook: Pending Update.Tiktok: Pending Update.Website: Pending Update.

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