He’s among the many highly-rated daytime talk display hosts in the business, however that’s the thing — his pan are greatly older women and kids who space stuck at residence sick, desperate for something to watch on TV.

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Dr. Phil, who is 70 year old, has come to be exceedingly famous with Gen Z on tiktok lately, but he’s no necessarily fond of the reason why.

His younger fans have taken to commenting “daddy” on every one of his posts. No one appears to know where the trend started, but Dr. Phil would like for it come end.

“You need to stop commenting ‘daddy’ on my posts,” he stated in his latest TikTok. “I ain’t ya daddy. I hate to break it come you, but I ain’t ya daddy. And also your genuine daddy is probably gaining his feeling hurt.”

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He claimed he appreciated all the support, however admitted “it’s a tiny weird.”

Sex therapist Vanessa Marin said Vice that, although words “daddy” method father, it additionally indicates when someone “is the boss, in charge, a protector or law a an excellent job” … in the bedroom. Perhaps he inspires that sort of feeling in world — ns not here to judge.

Naturally, most of the comment on Dr. Phil’s video feature pan still calling that daddy.

“We are sorry, father,” one user wrote.

“Daddy chill,” another joked.

“Oh my god why space y’all law that,” a third said.

The reaction have also spread to Twitter.

Y’ALL make DR. PHIL questioning U TO stop CALLING that DADDY? I hate IT right here LMAO pic.twitter.com/se6vrhgTBR

— syd erin (syd$) (
syddollasign) September 10, 2020

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Dr. Phil appears to have actually inspired a bit of a Streisand effect here — asking human being to prevent calling the “daddy” has actually even more people doing so. Or maybe that to be his arrangement all along …

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