10 medical professional Who gibbs Who appeared In take care of Potter The medical professional Who and Harry Potter fanbases share fairly a little bit of overlap, and here room 10 gibbs fans might recognize with functions in both franchises.

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It"s constantly a fun surprise as soon as an gibbs from one favorite collection appears in another and getting to see just how different or comparable they are compared to the duty a viewer is offered to seeing them in. This is a phenomenon of repeated occurrence for both the brother sci-fi series Doctor Who and the brothers wizarding movie series Harry Potter.

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Some had surprising cameos: man Cleese (Nearly Headless Nick) and Julian Glover (Aragog) in The 4th Doctor illustration "City of Death," and Jim towards (Professor Slughorn) in a Doctor Who Comic Relief episode, while others had larger functions in both, through special cite going to David Bradley (Argus Filch), Adrian Rawlins (James Potter), and Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick).

dw hp shirley henderson
Shirley Blake"s personalities in both Doctor Who and Harry Potter were both rather unfortunate. Ursula Blake, a personality from the Doctor Who illustration "Love and Monsters," was took in by an alien from the Abzorbalovian species. She was conserved by The Tenth Doctor, however only just, andshe continued to live in the type of a cement slab. Plus, what have the right to be claimed but bad poor Moaning Myrtle? She was eliminated by the Basilisk and left haunting the girl"s bathrooms—we wouldn"t great these characters" fates top top anyone.

barty crouch john lumic
man Lumic to be a character who showed up in The Tenth Doctor"s era. He to be the CEO the Cybus sectors on parallel earth who started a Cyberman change and was himself upgraded. The late i get it Lloyd Pack likewise appeared together Barty Crouch Senior, a wizard who organized a position in the to adjust of Magic in Harry Potter and was killed by his son, likewise a character play by David Tennant.

Helen McCrory showed up as Rosanna Calvierri in Doctor Who and Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter. Rosanna Calvierri to be the Queen of the Saturnyns, a species that confronted the wrath of The Eleventh Doctor.

Narcissa Malfoy to be a monitor of Voldemort—though not a fatality Eater herself—but she stood versus him in the name of love because that her kid Draco. Narcissa Malfoy defied Voldemort by saying Harry to be dead. Both Calvierri and Narcissa were committed mothers.

7 mark Williams - Brian Williams & Arthur Weasley

Hp & dw mark williams
mark Williams had actually the function of the funny and lovable Brian Williams, dad to Rory Williams and father-in-law come Amy Pond. He join his family and The Eleventh doctor for several episodes that Doctor Who"s saturday season.

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Just as equally lovable and humorous was his function as Arthur Weasley, a muggle enthusiast dad of seven and husband come Molly. Mr. Weasley observed Harry as his son and didn"t hesitate to welcome him into the family.

everyone loves Dobby, the house-elf who safeguarded Harry Potter also when Harry asked him no to. Dobby loved socks and wearing tea cozies. He was so small but had such a an excellent impact ~ above the stays he touched, and he to be voiced through Toby Jones. Toby Jones also voiced and appeared together the Dream mr in the physician Who episode "Amy"s Choice," together The Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and also Rory.

5 Michael Gambon - Kazran Sardick & Professor Dumbledore

Michael Gambon"s function in the Doctor Who Christmas special "A Christmas Carol," is Kazran Sardick, a Scrooge-like character who must aid The Doctor regulate the clouds and also save Amy and Rory indigenous a crashing spaceship.

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Michael Gambon is famed for his function as the wizard who is wise, confusing, and powerful, likewise known together Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series.

The late john Hurt introduced countless to the civilization of magic as a young harry Potter came right into his store searching for a wand. The actor has performed a Time lord alien role, and also a wizard. Hurt starred in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary unique as The war Doctor, The physician who had actually to make a crucial decision. The War medical professional met his future selves in The Tenth and also Eleventh Doctors, and, together, they made television and cinema history.

3 invoice Nighy - Dr. Henry black color & Rufus Scrimgeour

invoice Nighy damaged hearts once he showed up as the passionate Dr. Henry Black, one art professional who offered his opinion top top Vincent valve Gogh together the artist himself soaked up the exhibit committed to his life"s work.

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Nighy also appeared in Harry Potter as Rufus Scrimgeour, Minister the Magic, and also Cornelius Fudge"s short-lived successor before he to be tortured and also killed by death Eaters after castle overtook the to adjust of Magic.

Zoe Wanamaker played a human being who claimed to it is in the last pure human. She had herself preserved, "nipped and also tucked and flattened," until all the was left of her was a piece of skin stretched onto a frame and connected come a brain. She to be an antagonist come both The Ninth and Tenth Doctors. Zoe"s function in Harry Potter was that of Madam Hooch, the paris instructor, Quidditch coach, and also referee in ~ Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and also Wizardry.

1 David Tennant - Tenth physician & Barty Crouch Junior

David Tennant is famous for his role as the charming, energetic, and also witty Tenth physician in Doctor Who, whose companions consisted of Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and also Donna Noble.

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Tennant additionally appeared top top the large screen as Barty Crouch Junior, Barty Crouch Senior"s son who broke cost-free of the Imperius Curse and also did the Dark Lord"s bidding in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.