He will preeminence briefly after Hrethel dies; then Hygelac becomes king. King that the Geats when the story opens.

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Likewise, people ask, who takes the throne after beo wolf dies?

Beowulf climate hands over many of his treasure come Hygelac, who, in turn, rewards him. In time, Hygelac is killed in a war versus the Shylfings, and, after Hygelac"s kid dies, Beowulf ascends come the throne of the Geats. He rule wisely for fifty years, pass prosperity to Geatland.

Also, that becomes the next king in Beowulf? Wiglaf

alongside this, what happens to the geats after beo wolf dies?

After Beowulf"s death, the Geats build an enormous funeral pyre because that him, heaped v treasures. As soon as the pyre has burned down, they invest ten days structure an massive barrow (a huge mound of planet filled through treasure) together a monument come their lost king.

What kingdom walk Beowulf come to be king of after ~ the king dies?


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Who eliminated Beowulf?


What taken place to Beowulf"s knife in the last battle?

The dragon fees again and also a wall surface of fire rains down on Wiglaf and also Beowulf. Beowulf manages to wound the dragon, but the dragon"s tusk slices Beowulf"s neck. The dragon has actually been defeated, and the last battle is finished. However the wound in the old king"s neck begins to burn, and also Beowulf to know his death is imminent.

Does Beowulf come to be king?

Following the death of Hygelac, his kid Heardred take it the throne, but his power was short-lived and he as well was killed. Beowulf climate became King and also reigned wisely because that fifty years. Even the throne the the Geats is damaged by fire, and also Beowulf resolves to rid his people of the dragon.

What were Beowulf"s last words?

"After castle burn my body, call my warrior to build a an excellent burial mound on the cliffs the stick out right into the sea. The seafarers steering their ships top top the gloomy waters will check out it and also call that Beowulf"s barrow, and my world will mental me. " this were the last words from the think of the old man"s heart.

Why go Beowulf are afraid the dragon?

Beowulf doesn"t fear the dragon since he is so proud of himself and believes God is ~ above his side. He wants to fight the dragon alone due to the fact that he wants to prove that he is quiet a tough and honorable man.

Does wiglaf come to be king?

At Beowulf"s command, Wiglaf gathers treasure from the dragon"s lair and piles it whereby Beowulf can see it. The dying beowulf tells Wiglaf to "watch his people"s needs" (by which he method that Wiglaf is to become the next king.)

Why does beowulf refuse crown?

Why does beo wolf refuse the crown available to the By Higlac"s widow? Beowulf refuses the crown because their kid is quiet alive. Beowulf i do not care king as soon as Higlac"s son dies.

Who is Beowulf"s father?


Is Grendel Beowulf"s son?

Heardred despite Beowulf"s support, the young king, son of Hygelac and Hygd, is killed in a feud. Beowulf then becomes king that the Geats. Grendel A descendant that the biblical Cain, the massive ogre despises mankind"s joy. That menaces Hrothgar and also the Danes for 12 years before facing Beowulf in battle.

Does beo wolf sleep v Grendel"s mother?

In his cave, Grendel"s mother swears revenge over his corpse. She travel to Heorot and also slaughters Beowulf"s men while they space sleeping. Hrothgar speak both Beowulf and also Wiglaf, who had actually been sleeping external the hall during the attack, that it to be the work-related of Grendel"s mother.

What does Beowulf provide wiglaf before he dies?

Wiglaf gathers several of the treasure and also returns to Beowulf, who thanks God that he can win such treasures for his people before that dies. He speak Wiglaf come look after ~ the Geats when he is gone. He gives Wiglaf the gold necklace he wears and his armor, and also dies.

What space Beowulf"s parting words?

Beowulf"s parting words room that he to be a feared male by other country rulers so lot so the they would certainly not dare to go against him, he will certainly not be blamed because that the death of kinsmen an that asks to watch the treasure before his last breath pipeline his body.

Why walk the dragon assault Beowulf"s people?

The Dragon to be fire-breathing and melted the sword leading to Beowulf to battle without a weapon. The blood of the Dragon to be poisonous and also when that did bite Beowulf, that died. Wiglaf went back to hit the Dragon and later was sent ago to the cavern to get some the the treasure he won over for Beowulf.

What brought about Beowulf"s death?

Beowulf death was caused by a poisonous wound from the dragon. However he really died due to the fact that his past and his pride blinded him come the fact that he was an aging king who can no much longer perform the same accomplishments of strength and bravery, making him a catastrophic hero. He was blinded through his past and buried through his pride.

What nation does Hrothgar rule?


What do the geats carry out with the dragon"s body?

what carry out the geats do through the dragons body? The Geats then rise and also go to Beowulf"s body. With 7 of the biggest Geatish thanes, Wiglaf returns to the dragon"s bier to collect the treasure that beowulf bought through his life. They hurl the dragon"s body right into the water.

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Why go Beowulf want to watch the treasure?

The Danes bury the treasure since this was one of Beowulf"s last commands prior to dying ~ fighting the dragon. The treasure is to be hidden rather than shared by Beowulf"s warriors, as would be the normal dispensation of the spoils of battle, since Beowulf"s warriors had behaved in a disloyal and also cowardly way.
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