Functions that offered to be detailed by expansion cards are an ext often uncovered as onboard harbor today.

True False


Hard drives have three relationships for cables: one for analysis data, one for composing data, and one because that power.

True False


What kind of port transmits both digital audio and digital video with a single connector?



What audio harbor connects to an external home theater audio system, offering digital audio output?

S/PDIF FireWire Thunderbolt eSATA


Which declare is no true regarding motherboards?

likewise called a device board has actually a CPU socket has actually a heat sink on the PCIe slots has actually slots because that DIMMs

has a warm sink top top the PCIe slots

What ingredient is most most likely to be mounted in a PC, is considered primary storage, and typically stores the operating system, and also its applications?

floppy journey tape drive difficult disk drive optical drive

hard disc drive

What is the component that usually has actually a dual-voltage selector switch and has cables that attach to the motherboard and also drives called?



How countless pins are in the power supply connector that is frequently used on most motherboards today?

20-pin 8-pin 24-pin 15-pin


If you have a PCI Express version 2 video clip card, how numerous pins will the power connector have if the card needs extra power?

4 2 5 8


What statement about an FRU is true?

-they space not crucial for the computer’s procedure -all varieties can be conveniently disposed the in any kind of trash can -it’s easily repaired by a support technician -a support technician should know exactly how to change one

a support technician need to know just how to replace one

What acronym is an additional name for revolution electricity, i beg your pardon can damages chips and also destroy motherboards?



What tool can help discover and also report computer errors and also conflicts that take place when you first turn ~ above a computer and also before the operating device is launched?

write-up card ROM module BIOS memory CMOS firmware

POST card

What general-purpose tool have the right to measure attributes of electrical energy in a variety of devices?

loopback plug short article card multimeter cable tester


Programs and data that are stored top top a motherboard are described by what term?

firmware package blob accuse set


What is the surname for the form of flash memory that is offered by mobile gadgets to save their apps and also data?

SC map solid state device MicroFlash card hard drive

solid state device

Law enforcement agencies periodically use what type of data to reconstruct a person’s travels?

accelerometer tethering geotracking geospotting


What is the most usual pointing maker on laptops?

a touch pad a computer mouse a touch screen a trackball

a touch pad

In a cellular network, each cell is controlled by a tower. What room these towers called?

cell controllers cabinet hubs base controllers base stations

base stations

A micro-ATX motherboard will fit right into a situation that follows what minimum standard?

ATX 1.0 ATX 1.5 ATX 2.0 ATX 2.1

ATX 2.1

How many pins are provided in a parallel port, likewise known together an LPT port?

9 15 25 40


What kind of harbor is periodically used by routers because that management and also configuration purposes?

DB9 port LPT port PS/2 harbor eSATA port

DB9 port

What connector has 4 pins, is provided for older concept drives and also some SATA drives, and also can provide +5 V and +12 V strength outputs?

SATA connector Berg connector Molex connector PCIe connector

Molex connector

The two services that home windows must provide for one ExpressCard are:

daemon company socket business card business hardware service

socket organization card service

What 2 different types of firmware may be provided on motherboards?



What are the two many common form factors offered today for computer cases, power supplies, and motherboards?



The PCIe connectors on one ATX version 2.2 strength supply come in what two various configurations, depending upon the variation of PCI refer involved?

4-pin 6-pin 8-pin 10-pin

6-pin 8-pin

What room two different ways by which a laptop could utilize the to move network link of a mobile device?