Explanation: The yellow tuna fish belongs come the an additional consumer. That feeds on the smaller sized fishes for their energy needs.

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The an additional consumers space the fishes that acquire their power by feeding on the main consumers.

The primary consumers feed on the producers because that their energy in the naval ecosystem.

Secondary consumer


The sequence of different organisms in i m sorry one is being consumed by others. This feeding connection is referred to as a food chain. Each food chain written of producers and also different levels of consumers. Each group of biology in a food chain denotes a trophic level. The yellowfin tuna is a carnivore i beg your pardon feeds ~ above squids, lobster and other small fish. This organisms are herbivores, and they feed on producer such together phytoplankton. Thus, squids, lobster and other tiny fish are primary consumers. Therefore, yellowfin tuna i beg your pardon feeding top top squids, lobster and other tiny fish are a secondary consumer.

The prize is secondary consumer.

A trophic level of an organism shows its positionin a food chain:

1. Producers, such together plants and also algae, producetheir own food and also thus room the base of every food chain.

2. Primary consumers eat producers. Castle areherbivores the eat plants.

3. An additional consumers eat main consumers.They eat herbivores, therefore they space carnivores or omnivores.. 

4. The highest level is tertiary consumer that eat secondaryconsumersAccording to this, and also knowing 보다 yellowfin tuna eat smaller sized herbivorous fish, it have the right to be concluded that it belongs come the secondary consumers.

Yellow fin tuna are secondary consumers because they food on smaller sized fish however can also be eaten as well.

secondary consumer


The an additional consumers room the organism, that feed top top the small herbivores organism.

The yellowfin tuna feeds ~ above the smaller herbivores for their power needs. The smaller sized fishes will be major consumers as they space herbivores fishes that feed on smaller sized plant bodies found in water.

The an additional consumers room usually bigger fishes that feed on the smaller sized fishes in water.

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Yellowfin fish have the right to be regarded as in the optional purchaser trophic level. The primary trophic level, referred to as makers, room the life beings that can make your nourishment. The succeeding level, dubbed essential shoppers, space herbivores who expend makers. The following level, called an additional purchasers, expend herbivores. Due to the fact that yellowfin fish eat herbivorous fish, the vault is an auxiliary shopper.


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