Expendable property means every property various other than nonexpendable property. "Nonexpendable property" means all property having a unit cost and also useful life which is collection by

Expendable property includes, yet is not minimal to, such items as worldwide positioning solution (GPS), computers, microscopes, tractors, and also all terrain vehicles (ATV).

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Expendable property: items or devices that is less than $5,000.00 per item the is necessary for conducting the specific service within the scope of work-related excluding cell phones and also related equipment.

Expendable property does not encompass such items as office supplies, safety gear, ATV parts, laboratory supplies, etc.

Expendable property may be disposed that when, at the discretion of the Provider, the is no much longer usable.

Expendable property is movable home whose acquisition cost or value is listed below the threshold characterized in paragraph 6.14(c)(1) by the Secretary-General per unit.

Expendable property through a value at or over a threshold characterized by the Secretary- basic per unit is lugged on the permanent general inventory of property.

Expendable property shall be accounted for making use of the statewide inventory manage system or one more previously authorized internal an approach of audit for the circulation of expendable property.

Expendable property is building which is spend or loser its identity when supplied or typically becomes a component component of other property.

Expendable property requires no formal accountability after initial issue.

Expendable property records, re- flecting accountability for the receipt and use of product in the power of a contract: maintain 4 years.

immovable property method land and every genuine right in soil or mineral (other than any kind of right under a bond) i m sorry is registrable in any office in the Republic used for the it is registered of title to floor or the best to mine;
Operating Equipment means all surface ar or subsurface machinery, equipment, facilities, provides or various other Property of whatsoever kind or nature currently or hereafter located on any kind of of the Property influenced by the Oil and Gas properties which are useful for the production, treatment, warehouse or transport of Hydrocarbons, including all oil wells, gas wells, water wells, injection wells, casing, tubing, rods, pumping units and engines, christmas trees, derricks, separators, pistol barrels, circulation lines, pipelines, tanks, gas systems (for gathering, treating and also compression), water solution (for treating, disposal and also injection), supplies, derricks, wells, power plants, poles, cables, wires, meters, processing plants, compressors, dehydration units, lines, transformers, starters and controllers, machine shops, tools, warehouse yards and equipment save on computer therein, buildings and also camps, telegraph, telephone and other communication systems, roads, loading racks, shipping facilities and all additions, substitutes and replacements for, and accessories and attachments to, any of the foregoing. Operating devices shall not include any items incorporated into realty or frameworks or renovations located therein or thereon in such a manner the they no longer remain personalty under the legislations of the state in which such devices is located.
Replacement Property means any residential property which is put in company as a replacement for any item of equipment or any innovation previously subject to this Fee covenant regardless of even if it is such residential property serves the same features as the residential or commercial property it is replacing and regardless of whether much more than one item of residential or commercial property replaces any item of devices or any improvement to the fullest level that the FILOT plot permits.
Capital equipment method machinery and also equipment to buy or leased, and used in this state by the purchaser or lessee mainly for manufacturing, fabricating, mining, or refining tangible personal property to it is in sold eventually at retail if the machinery and equipment are vital to the combined production procedure of manufacturing, fabricating, mining, or refining. Capital equipment also includes machinery and also equipment used mainly to electronically transmit results retrieved by a customer of an virtual computerized data retrieval system.
Reconstructed vehicle means every vehicle type required to it is in registered in this state that is materially changed from that original construction by the removal, addition, or substitution of essential parts, new or used.
Operating Property way any residential or commercial property owned, leased, or activate by the Party in concern or by any of that Subsidiaries or in which together Party or Subsidiary holds a defense interest or various other interest (including an attention in a fiduciary capacity), and, where required by the context, contains the owner or operator of such property, however only v respect to together property.
Income Property means, in respect of each Index Fund, (a) all interest, dividends and other sums deemed by the Manager, (after consulting the Auditors), to it is in in the nature of income (including taxation repayments, if any) got or receivable by the Trustee in respect of the Deposited residential or commercial property of the relevant Index fund (whether in cash or, without limitation, by warrant, cheque, money, credit or otherwise or the proceeds of sale of any kind of Income building received in a kind other 보다 cash); (b) all Cash component payments received or receivable by the Trustee because that the account that the appropriate Index Fund; (c) every Cancellation Compensation received by the Trustee because that the account that the appropriate Index Fund; and also (d) every interest and other sums received or unification by the Trustee in respect the (a), (b) or (c) the this definition, yet excluding (i) the Deposited property of the relevant Index Fund; (ii) any type of amount for the moment being standing to the credit of the distribution Account (as defined in the trust Deed) because that the account that the pertinent Index fund or previously dispersed to Unitholders; (iii) gains for the account the the pertinent Index Fund occurring from the realisation that Securities; and also (iv) any type of sums used towards payment that the fees, costs and expenses payable through the to trust from the earnings Property that the relevant Index Fund.
Leased Equipment method the equipment which might include but not restricted to modem provided by TM top top lease basis to allow usage the the service by the Customer, as might be made decision by TM indigenous time to time in ~ its sole discretion.
Rental Equipment method tangible personal property sold, rented, leased, or license is granted to client to the level that the items is actually supplied by the customer for rental, lease, or patent to others; provided that:
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment method all tangible personal property, excluding the Consumables, situated on the Properties, and also used in connection with the ownership, operation and also maintenance that the nature (collectively, the "FF & E"). The FF & E shall include all fixtures, furniture, furnishings, fittings, televisions, vehicles, equipment, computer hardware and nonproprietary software, machinery, apparatus, books and also records that Seller pertaining come the Properties, appliances, china, glassware, linens, silverware, keys and uniforms own by Seller and used in link with the ownership, operation, and maintenance of the Properties.
Replacement Assets means (1) tangible non-current legacy that will certainly be supplied or valuable in a Permitted service or (2) substantially all the assets of a Permitted service or a bulk of the Voting stock of any type of Person involved in a Permitted service that will come to be on the day of salvation thereof a limited Subsidiary.
Tangible Property means any furniture, fixtures, leasehold improvements, vehicles, office equipment, computer equipment, other equipment, machinery, tools, forms, gives or other tangible an individual property of any nature.
Stabilized Property way a completed building that has achieved an Occupancy rate of at the very least eighty percent (80%) because that a duration of not less than one (1) complete calendar quarter.
Excluded Equipment means, at any type of date, any type of equipment or various other assets of the Borrower or any kind of Guarantor which is subject to, or secured by, a Capitalized Lease responsibility or a purchase money responsibility if and to the extent that (i) a border in donate of a human being who is not Holdings or any limited Subsidiary of Holdings included in the agreements or papers granting or governing together Capitalized Lease obligation or purchase money obligation prohibits, or requires any kind of consent or establishes any kind of other conditions for or would result in the termination of such commitment or file because of an assignment thereof, or a grant of a defense interest therein, by the Borrower or any kind of Guarantor and (ii) such restriction relates just to the legacy or assets acquired by the Borrower or any type of Guarantor v the proceeds of such Capitalized Lease duty or purchase money obligation and attachments thereto, enhancements thereof or substitutions therefor; provided that every proceeds paid or payable to any type of of the Borrower or any kind of Guarantor from any type of sale, deliver or assignment or various other voluntary or involuntary disposition of together assets and all rights to receive such proceeds chandelier be consisted of in the Collateral to the extent not otherwise required to be payment to the holder of any Capitalized Lease obligations or purchase money obligations secured by such assets.
Eligible Property means a residential or commercial property which satisfies every one of the adhering to requirements: (a) such home is a Retail property or Multifamily Property; (b) neither such Property, nor any kind of interest that the Borrower or any kind of Subsidiary therein (and if such building is own by a Subsidiary, nobody of the Borrower’s direct or indirect property interests in such Subsidiary) is topic to any type of Lien other than allowed Liens (excluding permitted Liens of the type described in clauses (g) and also (h) of the definition thereof) or topic to any an adverse Pledge; (c) such property is totally free of all structural defects or major architectural deficiencies, title defects, environmental conditions or various other adverse matters other than for defects, deficiencies, problems or other matters personal or jointly which space not product to the financially rewarding operation of together Property; and (d) if such residential property is (i) leased through the Borrower, a Subsidiary or Unconsolidated Affiliate pursuant to a soil Lease or various other lease, (ii) the lessor’s attention in such home is topic to a Mortgage and also (iii) together Ground Lease or lease is subordinate to together Mortgage, then the mortgagee shall have executed a customary non-disturbance agreement with respect to the rights of the Borrower, such Subsidiary or Unconsolidated Affiliate under the ground Lease or other lease.
Gaming Equipment means any and all gaming devices, gaming device parts inventory and also other associated gaming equipment and also supplies provided in link with the operation of a casino, consisting of (without limitation), slot machines, gaming tables, cards, dice, chips, tokens, player tracking systems, cashless wagering systems, digital betting systems, mobile gaming systems and also associated devices which are located at the Casino Components, own or leased by Operating firm or Mortgage Borrower and also used or useable specifically in the current or future operation of slot machines and also live gamings at the Casino Component, along with all improvements and/or enhancements thereto.
Improved Property means any building within the Township ~ above which over there is erected a framework intended for continuous or routine habitation, occupancy or usage by people or animals and also from which structure sewer shall or might be discharged.
rateable property method property on i beg your pardon the municipality might in state of ar 2 of the property Rates act 2004 raise a rate, however excluding property completely excluded from the levying of prices in terms of section 17 of the Act.
Abandoned property method mortgage or taxes foreclosure proceedings have been initiated for that property, no mortgage or tax payments have been do by the pre-foreclosure residential or commercial property owner because that at least 120 days, and also the property has actually been vacant for at the very least 120 days. Tax payments might be made by the party initiating the mortgage or taxes foreclosure proceedings.
New Property way each actual Property got by the Consolidated parties on a consolidated basis and also all Unconsolidated Affiliates (as the instance may be) from the date of acquisition because that a period of six (6) full fiscal quarters after the acquisition thereof; provided, however, that, top top the Seasoned day for any new Property (or any kind of earlier date selected by Borrower), such new Property chandelier be convert to a seasoned Property and also shall cease to it is in a brand-new Property.

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Contractor-acquired property means property acquired, fabricated, or otherwise noted by the Contractor because that performing a contract, and also to i beg your pardon the government has title.
Expendable building includes, however is not limited to, together items as worldwide positioning systems (GPS), computers, microscopes, tractors, and all terrain vehicles (ATV).","Expendable property: goods or devices that is less than $5,000.00 per item that is essential for conducting the particular service within the scope of job-related excluding cabinet phones and also related equipment.","Expendable property walk not encompass such items together office supplies, security gear, ATV parts, laboratory supplies, etc.","Expendable property may be disposed of when, at the discretion the the Provider, the is no longer usable.","Expendable property is movable home whose acquisition expense or worth is below the threshold characterized in i 6.14(c)(1) by the Secretary-General per unit.","Expendable property with a value at or above a threshold characterized by the Secretary- general per unit is brought on the permanent general inventory that property.","Expendable property chandelier be accounting for making use of the statewide inventory manage system or another previously approved internal method of bookkeeping for the flow of expendable property.","Expendable property is residential property which is spend or loser its identity when supplied or generally becomes a component part of various other property.","Expendable property needs no official accountability after initial issue.","Expendable property records, re- flecting accountability for the receipt and use of material in the performance of a contract: retain 4 years.">,"id":"expendable-property","title":"Expendable property"},"groups":<"hash":"1de33e44c53d7b3e04bfe6a81cf9f467","snippet":"means every property various other than nonexpendable property.","samples":<"score":8,"uri":"https://hiepro.ehawaii.gov/resources/23182/General","label":"hiepro.ehawaii.gov">,"snippetLinks":<"type":"clause","key":"all-property","offset":<6,18>,"type":"definition","key":"nonexpendable","offset":<30,43>>,"id":1,"size":1,"hash":"9d4ac54036cec181b260fcf5db6ba1d1","snippet":"means all property various other than nonexpendable property. \"Nonexpendable property\" method all property having a unit cost and useful life which is collection by","samples":<"score":8,"uri":"http://spo.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/V.A.-HAR-3-130_Amend_-Inventory-Management.pdf","label":"spo.hawaii.gov">,"snippetLinks":<"type":"clause","key":"all-property","offset":<6,18>,"type":"definition","key":"nonexpendable","offset":<30,43>,"type":"clause","key":"unit-cost","offset":<107,116>,"type":"clause","key":"useful-life","offset":<121,132>,"type":"clause","key":"set","offset":<142,145>>,"id":2,"size":1,"hash":"afc9066398eb6749af8907afafa5af9c","snippet":"means all tangible property other than resolved assets.","samples":<"score":4,"uri":"https://www.rfta.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/rfta-procurement-manual-rev-4-2019.pdf","label":"www.rfta.com">,"snippetLinks":<"type":"clause","key":"tangible-property","offset":<10,27>,"type":"clause","key":"fixed-assets","offset":<39,51>>,"id":3,"size":1>,"nextCurs":""}}" id="pagination-first-page">
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