Which of the complying with statements is a logical an effect of the second law that thermodynamics? a) Every chemistry reaction must boost the complete entropy of the universe. B) If the entropy the a system increases, there should be a corresponding decrease in the entropy that the universe. C) power can be moved or transformed, yet it cannot be produced or destroyed. D) If over there is rise in the power of a system, there should be a corresponding decrease in the energy of the rest of the universe. E) Every power transfer calls for activation power from the environment.

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Which term many precisely describes the cellular process of breaking down big molecules into smaller ones? metabolism dehydration catalysis anabolism catabolism
Which the the following types of reactions would certainly decrease the entropy in ~ a cell? digestion hydrolysis respiration dehydration reaction catabolism
Which of the adhering to is true for every exergonic reactions? a) A network input of energy from the surroundings is required for the reactions to proceed. B) The reaction proceeds through a net relax of complimentary energy. C) The reactions room nonspontaneous. D) The products have more total energy than the reactants. E) some reactants will be converted to products.
In cells, what is commonly the immediate source of energy for one endergonic reaction? glucose sugar together spontaneous reactions, endergonic reactions execute not require an addition of power ATP ADP
The reaction ADP + p --> ATP is a(n) _____ reaction. hydrolysis chemical voluntary exergonic endergonic
What is energy coupling? a) a barrier to the initiation the a reaction b) a description of the energetic relationship in between the reactants and also products in an exergonic reaction c) the hydrolysis of ATP come ADP + ns d) the use of an enzyme to alleviate EA e) the usage of power released indigenous an exergonic reaction to drive an endergonic reaction
What kind of reaction division the binding that sign up with the phosphate groups in one ATP molecule? hydrolysis anabolism entropic dehydration decomposition dehydration synthesis
An enzyme _____. rises the EA that a reaction is a resource of power for endergonic reactions is an necessary catalyst is a inorganic catalyst can bind to almost any molecule
What surname is given to the reaction in an enzymatically catalyzed reaction? EA reactors products substrate active sites
Which that the following statements concerning enzymes is true? a) enzymes decrease the totally free energy adjust of a reaction. B) Enzymes change the direction of chemical reactions. C) Enzymes space permanently transformed by the reaction they catalyze. D) Enzymes rise the rate of a reaction. E) enzyme prevent changes in substrate concentrations.
Among enzymes, kinases catalyze phosphorylation, when phosphatases catalyze removal of phosphate(s). A cell"s use of this enzymes deserve to therefore duty as one on-off switch for miscellaneous processes. Which of the complying with is probably involved? a) a adjust in the optimal temperature at which a reaction will take place b) the adjust in a protein"s charge bring about cleavage the cut of one or much more peptides c) the adjust in a protein"s charge resulting in a conformational adjust d) a change in the optimal pH in ~ which a reaction will occur
Which the the complying with is (are) true because that anabolic pathways? a) They do not depend on enzymes. B) lock consume power to construct up polymers from monomers. C) They space usually extremely spontaneous chemistry reactions. D) castle release energy as castle degrade polymers come monomers.
Which of the following is true of line in its entirety in every organisms? a) Metabolism depends on a consistent supply of energy from food. B) Metabolism consists of every the energy transformation reactions in one organism. C) management manages the rise of entropy in one organism. D) management uses every one of an organism"s resources.
Which the the following entails a diminish in entropy? hydrolysis reaction condensation reaction reactions that separate monomers depolymerization reactions
Which that the adhering to statements about equilibrium of chemical reactions is correct? a) The equilibrium suggest is wherein the system has the highest totally free energy b) many reactions in a living cell room close come equilibrium. C) A reaction that is at equilibrium is not capable of doing any work. D) Reactions deserve to only walk in the direction towards equilibrium. E) The equilibrium point of a reaction to represent the least stable configuration for that reaction.
c*The ΔG for a reaction at equilibrium is zero, which means that over there is no totally free energy easily accessible to do any kind of work.
Which the the complying with statements around ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is correct? a) The hydrolysis that ATP have the right to supply energy needed for catabolic pathways. B) The energy release ~ above hydrolysis that ATP is the result of breaking a high-energy bond. C) Almost all of the totally free energy exit on the hydrolysis the ATP is released together heat. D) The cycling between ATP and ADP + Pi provides an energy coupling between catabolic and anabolic pathways. D) The hydrolysis that ATP is an endergonic process.
d*Catabolic pathways provide the power needed to make ATP from ADP and Pi. The hydrolysis of ATP to ADP + Pi release the exact same amount that energy.
How carry out cells usage ATP come raise the energy level of reaction substrates? a) ATP is hydrolyzed to release its energy. B) The ADP component of ATP is bound to the substrate. C) The terminal phosphate of ATP is bound to the substrate. D) every one of the above
Why is ATP a an excellent source of power for organic reactions? a) triphosphate chains room unstable. B) Links in between adenine and sugar space unstable. C) Peroxide web links are extremely reactive. D) The prize is quiet unknown. E) Links between sugar and also phosphate room unstable.
a*The instability is associated with high energy, donate reactions that break the tree phosphate chain.
A reaction is claimed to it is in unfavorable if ... (a) it will be really slow there is no a catalyst. (b) the cost-free energy readjust for the reaction is positive. (c) equilibrium favors the reactants, not the products. Both (a) and (b). Both (b) and also (c).

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Both b and also c*If the free energy readjust for the reaction is positive, equilibrium favors the reactants and also we say the reaction is unfavorable.