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 (p. 530) Which of the adhering to is true about Internet usage and also its audience? 

A. Television viewership has actually gained in spite of the introduction of the Internet.

B. Media safety on the Internet has grown substantially.

C. In the U.S., guys are hefty internet customers when contrasted to women.

D. For civilization without a high-school education, Internet intake has enhanced dramatically.

E. Currently, the bulk of web users space educated, White, upscale males.

32. (p. 533) _____ are tiny pieces of information that obtain stored in your Web web browser when friend load details Web sites. 

A. Worms

B. Trojans

C. Cookies

D. Viruses

E. Digital signatures

33. (p. 531) Which that the complying with statements around Internet individuals is true? 

A. Less than 20 percent of net users room female.

B. The net does not exhibit the cultural diversity the is so conveniently visible in our population.

C. The average web user is steadily gaining younger.

D. The bulk of web users have actually some college education.

E. Citizens of emerging countries make maximum intake of the net.

34. (p. 531) _____ digital data infection enables single wires to carry multiple signals, or channels. This an innovation makes it possible to download huge graphic files and play gamings online. 

A. Narrowband

B. Wideband

C. Ultraband

D. Broadband

E. Baseband

35. (p. 532) The two main companies that assist in the media planning procedure on the internet are Nielsen-Online and also _____. 

A. comScore

B. internetworldstats.org

C. Versign

D. Wikipedia


36. (p. 531) _____ is often cited as an example of the brand-new Internet approach that the future the the web is in providers that encourage user sharing and collaboration. 

A. Ebay

B. Google

C. Wikipedia

D. Amazon

E. Youtube

37. (p. 531) Which the the complying with represents the idea the the future that the web is in suppliers that encourage user sharing and also collaboration? 

A. World wide Web

B. Web 2.0


D. Grid computing

E. Distributed computing

38. (p. 532) Two key companies that aid in the media planning procedure on the web are: 

A. Google and DoubleClick.

B. DoubleClick and Atlas DMT.

C. Craigslist and also eBay.

D. AdForum and Co Score.

E. Nielsen-Online and also ComScore.

39. (p. 532) Which tool, as used by Nielsen - Online, is supplied to tabulate, measure, and record all Internet activity on a computer? 

A. Interstitial

B. Superstitial

C. Carrier's deck

D. Desktop meter

E. Kiosk rater


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 (p. 533) _____ provide ads native one central source, throughout multiple internet domains, permitting advertisers the capability to regulate the rotation and distribution of their advertisements.