Which temperature scale does not have an unfavorable values?-Celsius temperature scale-None of the temperature scale has an adverse values.-All that the temperature scales have an adverse values.-Kelvin temperature scale-Fahrenheit temperature scale
Which the the adhering to temperature changes are equivalent?-5 °F = 1 °C-1 °F = 1 °C-1 °C = 1 K-9 °C = 1 °F-1 K = 1 °F-1 K = 10 °C
A level metal washer is heated. As the washer"s temperature increases, what happens to the hole in the center?-The hole in the facility of the washer will expand.-The hole in the facility will continue to be the exact same size.-The feet in the facility of the washer will certainly contract.-Changes in the hole cannot be determined without recognize the composition of the metal.

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Which the the complying with statements are true?Check all that apply.-Water contracts as it freezes in ~ 0°C.-Liquid water expands with boosting temperature above 4°C.-Solid ice is less thick than liquid water.-Liquid water broadens with enhancing temperature in between 0°C and 4°C.
-Liquid water broadens with raising temperature above 4°C.-Solid ice is less thick than fluid water
A thermally isolated system is composed of a hot piece that aluminum and also a cold piece of copper. The aluminum and also the copper room in thermal contact. The specific heat that aluminum is an ext than twin that the copper. Which thing experiences the greater amount of warmth transfer throughout the time it takes the device to with thermal equilibrium?-The copper experiences the better magnitude of heat transfer.-The aluminum experiences the better magnitude of heat transfer.-Both experience the very same magnitude of warm transfer.

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Which that the complying with statements are true as a block of ice melts?Check all that apply.-The temperature of the ice/water mechanism increases.-Heat energy leaves the ice/water system.-Heat energy enters the ice/water system.-The temperature that the ice/water mechanism remains constant.-The temperature the the ice/water device decreases.
By i m sorry primary heat transfer device does one finish of a stole rod end up being hot when the other end is inserted in a flame?-radiation-conduction-convection
By which primary heat transfer mechanism does a stove heat a pot the soup?-conduction-radiation-convection