What is the primary duty of stems?A) Facilitation of gas exchangeB) Water absorption and also movementC) Maximization that photosynthesis by leavesD) Reproduction

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When you eat Brussels sprouts, you are eating _____.A) immature flowersB) big axillary budsC) petiolesD) storage leaves
Trichomes _____.A) absorb sunlight, enhancing the temperature the leavesB) open and also close for gas exchangeC) repel or catch insectsD) increase water loss from leaves
Which structure is properly paired through its organization system?A) root hair — vascular tissueB) guard cabinet — vascular tissueC) companion cabinet — ground tissueD) tracheid — vascular tissue
The main resource of water necessary for photosynthesis to take place in the leaf mesophyll is _____.A) soil via the xylemB) soil via the phloemC) the atmosphere through the cuticle and stomataD) all of the listed responses
The vascular bundle in the form of a single central cylinder in a source is dubbed the _____.A) cortexB) steleC) peridermD) pith
Which of these is NOT an example of a parenchyma cell?A) cells that can kind clones in tissue culture of plantsB) support cells near the exterior of nonwoody stemsC) edible cells in fruits and vegetablesD) tissue in pipeline that photosynthesizes
Which of the complying with have unevenly thickened main walls that support young, cultivation parts that the plant?A) parenchyma cellsB) collenchyma cellsC) sclerenchyma cellsD) tracheids and also vessel elements
Which that the complying with is properly paired with its structure and function?A) sclerenchyma — sustaining cells v thick an additional wallsB) floor meristem — safety coat the woody stems and also rootsC) guard cells — waterproof ring that cells surrounding the main stele in rootsD) periderm — parenchyma cells functioning in photosynthesis in leaves
Which that the complying with occurs in vascular soil plants but not charophytes (stoneworts)?A) sporopolleninB) ligninC) chlorophyll aD) cellulose
Which the the adhering to are water-conducting cell that room dead at practical maturity?A) parenchyma cellsB) collenchyma cellsC) tracheids and also vessel elementsD) sieve-tube elements
Which of the adhering to cells carry sugars over long distances?A) parenchyma cellsB) sclerenchyma cellsC) tracheids and vessel elementsD) sieve-tube elements
Which of the complying with arise, directly or indirectly, from meristematic activity?A) second xylemB) leavesC) dermal tissueD) an additional xylem, leaves, dermal tissue, and tubers
Compared to most animals, the growth of many plant framework is finest described as _____.A) perennialB) weedyC) indeterminateD) primary
Which of the adhering to can be supplied to recognize a twig"s age?A) number of apical bud scar ringsB) number of leaf scarsC) Number and arrangement of axillary budsD) size of internodes
A plant the grows one year, dies back, and also then grow again the following year, to produce flowers and also then dies would certainly be thought about _____.A) annualB) biennialC) perennialD) not really fit
Refer come the number above. A plant that is at least three years old is stood for by _____.A) ns onlyB) II onlyC) III onlyD) IV only




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