The heat of the sun warming our planetThe heat from an electric stove warming a frying panIce cubes cooling a drinkA microwave oven cooking a mealAn overhead fan cooling a room
Solution: Convection is a form of heat transfer where a large number of molecules move from one place to another. An overhead fan works precisely by this method: it sends cooler air molecules down into a hot room, cooling the temperature of the room. The heat of the sun and the cooking action of a microwave are both forms of radiation, while the heat on a frying pan and the cooling action of ice cubes are both forms of conduction.

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A body initially at 60oC cools to 50oC in 10 min. What will be it"s temperature at the end of next 10 min, if the room temperature is 20oC. Assume Newton"s law of cooling

A spright here , a cube and a thin circular plate,all of same materials and same mass, are initially heated to same high temperature.

The fractional charge in internal energy when a gas cooled from 927oC  to 27oC is

The temperature inside and outside of a refrigerator are −5 and 43 respectively. Assuming cannot refrigerator, for 50 J of work done, the heat delivered to the surrounding will be nearly ?

A hot liquid kept in a beaker cool from 800Cto 700C in two minutes .If surrounding temperature is 300C,then the time of cooling of the same liquid from 600C to 500C is :

Two identical cups are placed on a table. One is filled with hot milk at temperature T1​ and the other one is empty. It is desired to cool the milk to a desired temperature T2​. To quicken cooling process you can adopt either of the following methods.(a) First, pour the whole milk in the empty cup and wait till temperature falls to T2​.(b) First, wait for some time, then pour the whole milk in the empty cup and then wait till temperature falls to T2​.(c) First wait and then pour the milk in the empty cup at such an instant that immediately after pouring the milk its temperature becomes T2​.If heat transfer from milk to cup occurs in negligible time, which one of the above strategies will you prefer?

A water fall is 420 m high. The rise in temperature of water as it reaches the bottom is $$ ( g= 9.8 m/s)