The warmth of the sunlight warming our planetThe warmth from an electric stove warming a frying panIce cubes cooling a drinkA microwave oven cooking a mealAn overhead pan cooling a room
Solution: Convection is a form of heat transfer wherein a big number of molecules move from one ar to another. One overhead fan works precisely by this method: it sends out cooler air molecule down right into a hot room, cooling the temperature of the room. The warmth of the sun and the cooking action of a microwave space both creates of radiation, if the warm on a frying pan and also the cooling action of ice cream cubes are both creates of conduction.

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A body originally at 60oC cools come 50oC in 10 min. What will be it"s temperature in ~ the finish of next 10 min, if the room temperature is 20oC. Assume Newton"s law of cooling

A ball , a cube and also a slim circular plate,all of exact same materials and same mass, are initially heated to same high temperature.

The fractional fee in internal energy when a gas cooled indigenous 927oC  to 27oC is

The temperature inside and outside the a refrigerator are −5 and 43 respectively. Assuming can not refrigerator, because that 50 J of work done, the heat delivered to the neighboring will be almost ?

A warm liquid maintained in a beaker cool from 800Cto 700C in two minutes .If surrounding temperature is 300C,then the moment of cooling the the very same liquid from 600C come 500C is :

Two similar cups are placed on a table. One is fill with hot milk at temperature T1​ and also the various other one is empty. It is wanted to cool the milk to a preferred temperature T2​. To quicken cooling process you can adopt either of the complying with methods.(a) First, pour the whole milk in the empty cup and also wait it rotates temperature falls to T2​.(b) First, wait for part time, then pour the totality milk in the empty cup and also then wait it rotates temperature drops to T2​.(c) an initial wait and also then to water the milk in the empty cup at together an prompt that instantly after putting the milk its temperature becomes T2​.If warmth transfer indigenous milk to cup occurs in negligible time, which among the above strategies will certainly you prefer?

A water autumn is 420 m high. The rise in temperature that water as it reaches the bottom is $$ ( g= 9.8 m/s)