Atoms have various stability. Turbulent atomic atom will try to form stable electron configurations favor those the noble gases. Wherein noble gases have the number of outer electron 2 or 8

The development of electron configurations such as noble gases have the right to be done by sharing electrons v covalent bonds or hand over electrons through ionic bonds

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Generally, ionic bonds occur in metal and nonmetallic elements. Metal facets have low ionization energy and non-metallic aspects have a high electron affinity

While covalent bond occur since of the use of shared electrons. In general, this link occurs between nonmetallic elements, which have the very same electron attraction

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1. H₂O₂

Between H facets that require 1 electron (duplet, come be secure on the element) and O aspect that calls for 2 electrons (octet, so that it is secure on Ne elements) electron sharing wake up so the it contains covalent bonds

2. PO₃ ³⁻ and also P₂O₅

Between P elements that require 3 electrons and O which require 2 electrons, electron sharing occurs so the they include covalent bonds

3. AlCl₃

Al facet will relax 3 electrons (according to the steady configuration element Ne). Come be submitted to Cl aspect which needs 1 electron (according come the stable configuration of Ar elements)

So ion binding occur

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the octet rule

a noble gas

ionic bonds and covalent bonds

Keywords: ionic and also covalent bonds, the octet rule, noble gases, electron configurations


NaOH since the other are covalent bonds

The one that includes ionic bonding would be B
 ionic bonding is the complete transfer the electrons between atomsone atom provide electron come other so AlCl3 will contain ionic bond so correct choice is Dhope the helps
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