Ever wonder how drug save brand nail polishes stack up to salon quality products? Kelsey, center school college student at Tauranga intermediate School, did and also decided to put together an experiment come test various nail polishing brands to determine exactly how long every lasts and, based on this analysis as well as cost, what brand provides the best value for her money!

A couple of things come think about...

Generally schedules room cyclical. For example, you might have swimming practice every Monday night or clean her room ~ above Saturday mornings. When experimentation each polish, shot to save things as constant as feasible by using the new polish in ~ the same allude in your schedule - e.g. Every Sunday night. Also, collection a certain time structure for study (for example Sunday evening to Saturday evening) and also note any kind of unusual schedule item that might have impacted the polish. One extra swim in the pool. Sitting through an extreme movie wherein you nervously bit your nails. Volunteering at the concession stand wherein you opened assorted containers/pop can be ~ throughout the evening. All of these can play a part in the to trust of her polish.Always follow the same process. If you clipped and also buffed her nails before using the an initial test polish, execute the same for the remaining polishes. If you provided a basic coat, two coats of polish, and also a height coat in the an initial go round, do the same for every those the follow. Sample routine: clip (try come clip come a similar length each time), file, buff, use base coat, use two coats of polish, and finish with the peak coat. Consider taking photos of your nails each day. These room not only good for keeping track of how soon polish chipped, peeled, etc., but, printed as tiny booklets (one because that each pond polish tested), they likewise make a great visual for her display.Project extension - Look at the ingredients in each polish.

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Some nail polishes contain formaldehyde and also other questionable ingredients. Take into consideration not simply looking in ~ cost, but also which polish brand is far better for her nails.

These are simply a couple of suggestions! consider taking a emergence at Kelsey awesome display screen and, perhaps, if you have actually other questions, she"ll it is in able to assist you out!