Which occasion would be impossible to describe by utilizing John Dalton"s model of the atom?

An stole atom emits particles once it is to win by light.An oxygen atom combines through two hydrogen atom to type water.An mountain reacts with a basic to form salt and water.The atom in sodium steel react through water.

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An stole atom emits particles as soon as it is struck by irradiate (by the photoelectric effect)


The an initial atomic design was the one proposed by Jhon Dalton, according to which that is postulated that:

"Matter is comprised of indivisible, indestructible and extremely small particles dubbed atoms."

That is, the atom is a solid and indivisible mass.

However, the fenomenom by which an iron atom emits particles when it is struck by light (known as the photoelectric effect) can not be explaind by this indivisible atom model.

To know it better:

The photoelectric effect consists of the emissions of electrons (electric current) that occurs once light falls on a metal surface under specific conditions.

This is possible by considering light as a currently of photons, where each that them has actually energy. This energy is be able to pull an electron the end of the crystalline lattice of the metal and communicate, in addition, a kinetic energy. This method the atom is no indivisible, however it is a ingredient of various particles.

In fact, right now it is recognized that each atom is written of a nucleus and one or much more electrons attached come the nucleus, i m sorry is created of one or much more protons and typically a similar number of neutrons.

The exactly answer is option(A).


An steel atom emits particles as soon as it is win by light.This phenomena is dubbed as Photoelectric effect.

Photoelectric impact is identified as when photons (particles of light) drops on the metallic surface, electron from the surface room ejected out and also these ejected out electrons are referred to as photo electrons.

This phenomena to be not explained by john Dalton"s version of the atom.

Where as john Dalton"s design of atom defines that matter is made up smallest indivisible bit that is atom, elements combines in solved proportion with one more elements to offer compounds, chemistry reaction is an setup of one atoms.



John Dalton perceived the atom as a solitary particle, therefore it can not emit one more particle when struck by light.

A, B, and also C room wrong. Man Dalton would have actually regarded these reactions together rearrangements of atom to form different substances

An iron atom emits particles as soon as it is to win by irradiate (by the photoelectric effect)


took the quiz top top e2020. This is simply reassurance because that anyone struggling to uncover correct and also consistent answers.

It’s A


The answer is choice A. Expect it helps

The price is:

A) An steel atom emits particles once it is win by light

The explanation:

when Dalton"s version of the atom (ESAAO) man Dalton proposed the all issue is composed of very small things i m sorry he called atoms. This was no a fully new concept as the old Greeks (notably Democritus) had proposed that all issue is composed of small, indivisible (cannot be divided) objects.

When Dalton proposed his version electrons and also the nucleus were unknown.

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the correct answer is A


The scientist assumed that theatom was the smallest bit in the universe is john Dalton. The establishedthe atomic concept which is composed of five; elements are make of incredibly smallparticles dubbed atoms, atom of different aspect have different sizes, massand physic – chemistry properties, atom cannot be divided further, damaged orcreated, atom can incorporate to type compounds and also in chemistry reaction, atomscan it is in combined, separated or rearranged. 

we must see the model


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