An isotope through an unstable nucleus which decomposes readily and also results in the emission of radiation and also a atom electron or helium cell core achieves a steady nuclear composition is known as a radioactive isotope.

for example,


Here isotope the polonium decomposes in stimulate to attain a steady nuclear composition.

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Thus, we deserve to conclude the an atom is unstable finest describes a radiation isotope.

. Zara travelled in a train relocating at an mean speed that 120km/h and covered a street of 40km in the direction of East. ⦁ She more tra

i.) 20minutes

ii) 360km


The concern is incomplete. Here is the complete question.

Q2. Zara travelled in a train moving at an typical speed that 120km/h and covered a distance of 40km in the direction of East.

i. Calculate the moment taken through the train to cover this distance.

ii. She further travelled for 3hours in ~ a speed of 120km/h towards North. Calculation the distance she extended in this time.

1) making use of the formula for calculating rate

Speed = Distance/Time

If Zara traveled at an typical speed of 120km/h and covered a street of 40km towards East,

Distance extended = 40km

Speed = 120km/hr

Time take away = Distance/Speed

Time bring away = 40/120

Time take away = 1/3 hr

Time take away = 1/3 * 60 = 20 minute

ii) If she additional travelled because that 3hours in ~ a speed of 120km/h in the direction of North,

Her rate = 120km/hr

Time take away = 3hours

Distance covered this time = rate *Time

Distance spanned this time = 120 * 3

Distance spanned this time = 360km

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Is the right? i think thats the
tamaranim1 <39>
Yes simply switch the kj come jk
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How execute I get number of atoms?
Zina <86>
To calculation the number of atoms in a sample, division its weight in grams through the amu atomic mass indigenous the periodic table, then multiply the result by Avogadro"s number: 6.02 x 10^23.

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A basketball player pushes down v a force of 34 N ~ above a basketball that is inflated
zloy xaker <14>

2.2 cm


Pressure = pressure / area

P = F / A

A = F / P

A = 34 N / (9×10⁴ Pa)

A = 0.000378 m²

Area the a circle is:

A = πr²

0.000378 m² = πr²

r = 0.011 m

Diameter is dual the radius:

d = 2r

d = 0.022 m

d = 2.2 cm

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What is liquidity preferences?​
ZanzabumX <31>

In macroeconomic theory,liquidity preference is the need for money, thought about as liquidity.

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