Accepted Answer. There space plenty pokemon that have the right to learn flash. Oddish, Bellsprout, Paras and also Meowth find out both Flash and Cut, so girlfriend don’t have to teach it to pokemon you desire to usage to fight. Butterfree is basic to get and also can learn Flash.

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Who can learn speed Gen 1?

Here is a list of every Pokemon* that can Learn flash together TM move:


Which Pokemons deserve to use Flash?

Pokemon That have the right to Learn Flash


Can Hoothoot find out Flash?

Yes. That has due to the fact that he first appeared in generation two.

Is Hoothoot rare?

A popular spawn location you can uncover Hoothoot is in the Dappled Grove area with a 25% possibility to spawn during Normal weather.

Where perform I get Flash?

What you perform is:

Travel come Vermillion City.To the right is Diglett’s Cave, go through it.Go around the house at the bottom that the screen.Use cut on the bush and also continue downward.Enter the building and also talk come Professor Oak’s aid.

Is flash a good move?

Flash is a good move because that lowering there accuracy. Have actually a tough time landing a hit on you. Flash is additionally used come brighten dark cave.

What Pokemon deserve to learn flash in silver?

All that’s in there are Geodude, Zubat, and Dunsparce – the an initial two space common, and also found in a later cave anyway, and also the third is a swarmer, for this reason you most likely won’t discover one anyway. I am the Sabre the Quiet Reflection.

Where deserve to I buy flash Gen 2?


HM03SurfEcruteak City
HM04StrengthOlivine City
HM05FlashSprout Tower
HM06WhirlpoolTeam Rocket HQ

Who deserve to learn cut?

The 10 best Pokemon To discover Cut

1 Kartana. Weird enough, there’s one various other Pokemon in the collection that learns reduced without needing one HM, much because this Pokemon debuted after HMs were eliminated from the series.2 Gallade. 3 Crobat. 4 Greninja. 5 Kingler. 6 Scyther. 7 Bidoof. 8 Rattata.

Can Diglett discover cut?

Accepted Answer. No Diglett or Rattata learn cut in pokemon Red. Castle do discover it in the Fire Red remake.

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How go Diglett eat?

Diglett are mole-like creatures that spend many of their stays underground. If require be, they will certainly poke their heads above ground, yet never climb up. Castle eat roots and also worms, so they have small need come surface.