After you reach Snowbelle City, you find out that the gym leader, Wulfric, has gone come the Winding Woods.

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Route Information

You deserve to reach this route by utilizing the southwest leave of Snowbelle City.

To discover everything here, bring a pokémon that knows Cut. Over there is no Pokémon center in the path ahead, so friend should also bring a pokémon the knows Surf to check out the following area, and you could want to carry a pokémon the knows paris so you have the right to return come Snowbelle City without having to go all the means back through the woods.

In the later part of the Winding Woods, few of the exits don’t always send you come the same place. The directions listed below will reflect that.

Wild Pokémon

The wild pokémon the you might encounter in this route are Jigglypuff, Noctowl, Amoongus, Gothorita, Trevenant, and also in rare cases, Zoroark. Girlfriend may additionally encounter hordes through Amoongus, Foongus, or Trevenant.

Mossy Rock

In the first area that the Winding Woods, there is a Mossy Rock surrounded by grass. If you level increase an Eevee in the grass around this rock, the Eevee will evolve into Leafeon.


From this an initial area the the Winding Woods, use the west exit. Indigenous there, walk north to uncover a Kasib Berry tree.

In this very same area, get the paralyze Heal that is east of the berry tree.

Now leave this area through the southeast departure to return to the area v the Mossy Rock. Go south from the Mossy Rock and use the departure there.

In this brand-new area, go south through the grass and also use the southerly exit. Go eastern from there to obtain a meadow Plate. Then usage the north departure to go ago to the previous area.

From here, walk west v the grass and use the west exit. In the following area, you can have a twin battle v Twins Nana & Nina. They have a level 53 Slurpuff and a level 53 Aromatisse.

Go west and also use the southern exit. Poké fan Roisin is southern of the tree. She has actually a level 51 Snubbull and also a level 53 Granbull.

Use the Dowsing maker near Poké fan Roisin to discover a surprise Antidote top top the front of the tree.

Use the north exit, then proceed going north to usage the north leave near the twins.

To the left, Fairy tale Girl Wynne is to run around. She has a level 52 Klefki and also a level 52 Azumarill.

The east exit native this area goes come a dead end, but there is an advanced Tips authorize there, so check that out if you desire to.

Use the west leave from the area wherein the Fairy tale Girl is to run around. Use cut on the prickly tree the is in the way. Poké fan Corey is in this area. He has a level 54 Dedenne.

In the middle of part red flowers, you find a Protein.

Turn on your Dowsing device to discover a hidden Repeat ball in the southwest edge of the red flower area.

Go eastern to departure the area, then use the south departure nearby. Go south again, previous a tree, and also use the southern exit.

If friend don’t feel like collecting every one of the items in the forest, just go south and then west to reach Pokémon Village.

Otherwise, usage the east exit. You could end up in a dead finish with a tree, or in a crossroads, or you could simply finish up in the exact same area that you simply left. Keep going eastern until you reach the dead finish with the tree. Usage the Dowsing an equipment to uncover the surprise Mental Herb ~ above the prior of the tree.

Now go west. If over there is a course to the north, go eastern until you with the dead end with the tree, then walk west. Save doing that until you with an area v no north path. Use the Dowsing machine there to discover a surprise Tiny Mushroom on one area whereby no grass is growing.

From there, walk south and also use the south exit. Walk west to find some stairs. Walk up the stairs and also turn ~ above the Dowsing maker to find a hidden Balm Mushroom on a spot wherein there is no grass.

Go west indigenous there and get the X Accuracy that is sitting the end in the open.

Go east and also then under the stairs. Go southwest and use cut on the prickly tree in the way. Store going west and also use the west exit. You’ll reach an area through Hex lunatic Desdemona, who has actually a level 54 Trevenant.

Go west from Desdemona to acquire TM53 power Ball.

Now walk east. If you end up in a narrow route with no phibìc exit, walk west to return to where you uncovered the TM, then go east again. Store doing that till you reach an area that has a phibìc exit. Rather of using that north exit, you should go south. The route turns west come a sunny exit. Usage that leave to with the Pokémon Village.

According come our calculations, this team of 6 Pokémon will view you all the method clear to the upstream Four.

According to our calculations, this team of six Pokémon will view you all the method clear to the upstream Four.

(Credit: Nintendo)

There space 18 Pokémon types in X and also Y, and also knowing what to have in her party deserve to be a tricky prospect. We’ve examined the type chart and calculated what we believe to be the can be fried team for defeating any type of other Pokémon the video game can litter at you.

You can have 6 Pokémon in your party. These have the right to be swapped in and also out, yet if you desire a party that has actually an elemental benefit over every other kind of Pokémon in the game, the line-up would be:

Electric or Grass.

With the in mind, right here is our can be fried team. Obviously, few of these Pokémon don’t become obtainable until later in the game, but if girlfriend stick come the type guide above, girlfriend shouldn’t go too far wrong.

Hawlucha: Fighting/Flying type. Effective against: Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark (Fighting moves); Fighting, Bug, Grass (Flying moves); or Panchoro: Fighting/Dark type. Effective against: Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark (Fighting moves); Ghost, electric (Dark moves)

Marowak: soil type. Efficient against: Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, electrical (Ground moves)

Lapras: Ice/Water type. Effective against: Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon (Ice moves); Ground, Rock, Fire (Water moves)

Talonflame: Flying/Fire type. Effective against: Fighting, Bug, Grass (Flying moves); Bug, Steel, Grass, ice cream (Fire moves)

Doublade: Ghost/Steel type. Effective against: Ghost, Psychic (Ghost moves); Rock, Ice, Fairy (Steel moves)

Venusaur: Grass type. Reliable against: Ground, Rock, Water (Grass moves); or Ampharos: electric type. Efficient against: Flying, Water (Electric moves).

You require a paris Pokémon for HM02 (Fly), i beg your pardon can acquire you about the game’s map quickly. If you’re happy come use among Hawlucha’s 4 moves on the HM, you can substitute the flying Pokémon for another of your choice. Likewise bear in mind the as lengthy as all the varieties are covered, you can have whatever double-type Pokémon you favor — in fact, it in reality helps to have actually that backup in instance your efficient Pokémon faints.

We’ve also included Lapras as Ice/Water — a Water-type Pokémon will certainly be required for HM03 (Surf).

If you want to come up v your own team, friend can find a type chart to reference here. Permit us recognize your own dream team in the comment below!

A feature, very first introduced in ~ Pokйmon fight Revolution, provides its triumphant return in Pokйmon X & Y with major results. Indigenous now, you have actually the capability to customise your trainer’s wardrobe v various apparel you purchase and find transparent the Kalos region.

When you begin the game, uneven the ahead Pokйmon games, you will have the ability to pick your personality as one of three various ones. This trainers have comparable builds and also costumes together you begin, however they differ in original hair colour and also skin tone. The choice cannot be changed once selected so be certain to make the right choice when girlfriend begin.

Located in most of the cities within the region, you’ll be able to find Boutiques that sell various clothes. In every Boutique in the region, over there is a distinctive style to go v the essence of the city an interpretation that there will not be lot overlap in the products each sell. The boutiques will sell clothes on your own, but additionally will have full pre-set styles for you come choose

In addition to the clothing, the Boutiques have an area because that you to acquire your character’s figure updated. This permits you to update your character’s hair in both style and colour permitting it to be a better approximation the yourself.

Each Boutique changes their supply every day so be sure to check ago in each keep if you’re looking for a certain item. There are Boutiques in the following cities: Santalune City Lumiose City – requires you come partake in various tasks in Lumiose City together as defeating trainers, and speak to Alexa Cyllage City Laverre City Anistar City Snowbelle City

Lumiose City likewise has a ar where friend can alter the figure of your character in more than simply clothes. In Lumiose City’s southern Boulevard, over there is a salon wherein you can alter the length and also colour of her hair. These range from an extremely Short, Short, Medium, Long and various other formats you unlock through the game. You have the right to also adjust the colour however you wish. You will certainly unlock new hair cuts once you get more stylish in Lumiose City. For female characters, you likewise have the choice to just have actually the front cut which costs 500.

Male Hair
Very ShortShortMediumMedium Perm
Female Hair

Colour is noted in hues depending on lighter and darker than current style: Blond, Orange, Honey, Brown and also Black.

In enhancement to that, in the Trainer PR video clip Studio, girlfriend can include things such together make-up, various coloured lenses and stickers for the sole objective of her PR Video.

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You can also change the colour of your eye through lenses obtained through this and also keep it transparent the game. This is done in the dressing room in the Pokйmon center once you have actually obtained.