Fish v the old rod at path 8, 12, Ambrette Town, Azure Bay, Cyllage City in Pokemon X or Y. You can steal them native Luvdisc with a 50% opportunity of them gift held.

Or friend can get one daily from Tierno in Couramine City after ~ beating the upstream Four, if you have a Pokemon learning the relocate he desires to see.

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I had stolen around 10 heart scales in a matter of minutes.

Edit: If you desire to kill 2 birds v one stone, use a Pokemon v the move referred to as "Covet". Not only will the steal the item, but it will damages the target pokemon in really hopes of fainting that to get experience.

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Using a Pokemon through the ability Frisk is the best thing come do.My Trevenant permits me to easily find Heart Scales.


I"ve gained lots of love Scales simply from using Rock Smash on breakable boulders. Mine favorite ar to walk is the beach exterior Ambrette city (Route 8, Muraille Coast) because you can break the 2 rocks in the key area (with the tree growing in the middle of the sand for part reason) and then head approximately to the left down the shore where there are an ext rocks come break and also then when you backtrack to the various other area, the rocks reset and also you have the right to just save going ago and forth. This is additionally a an excellent way of obtaining really an important items that have the right to be marketed for high price such together Star piece (which sell for practically $5000 each), Stardust, pearls, etc. Also, I"ve acquired Hard Stones and also Soft Sands (which are held items girlfriend can give to her rock- and also ground-type pokemon, respectively, that an increase those varieties of moves). Come me, this appears more rewarding than repeatedly trying to capture a Luvdisc and also steal its hosted item because only about half of them room actually carrying Heart Scales and also you still have actually other wild pokemon that room no doubt going to be obtaining in your way as well.

Some points to store in mind, though, are that friend will periodically still encounter wild pokemon (Dwebble or Binacle) or not acquire anything at all. The wild pokemon under this rocks are just like level 20, therefore if you have actually a greater level pokemon in your first slot, you deserve to just run away or OHKO it to earn some extra EXP. I prefer to put in a movie come watch and then gain on my DS and just rest rocks because that a couple of hours to let stuff construct up, climate go market it all once the movie"s over. If friend equip your bike it"s also faster to obtain from one rock to the following (obviously). Also, this means you"re racking up PokeMiles, too. Anyway, good luck. =D