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Not certain where to find cinnamon sticks in the grocery store? right here are the aisles you must be checking...


Check the spice aisle first for cinnamon sticks. You may see castle in a spice bottle in the exact same rack with various other spices and also seasonings, or also on a shelf nearby.

If her grocery store has actually a vacation or seasonal section, friend may also find them there. As loss approaches, examine displays in the prior of the store, too.

Lastly, look at in the bulk section. But if girlfriend haven"t discovered cinnamon sticks anywhere, usage our store guide below...

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Whole foods items - walking to entirety Foods? You have the right to get mass or bottled cinnamon pole in the spice area.Your Local health Food Store - examine your local natural food store for cinnamon rod in bulk and also in packages or freckles bottles.Safeway - Safeway uses cinnamon sticks indigenous McCormick, Morton & Bassett, Badia and also other brands in the holiday and also spice aisles.Trader Joe"s - You"ll discover store brand cinnamon sticks at businessman Joe"s.Target - Target stocks cinnamon pole in the spice section of the store.Kroger - If you"re going to a Kroger store, check the summer sprouts aisle for number of brand options.Publix - Publix sells save brand cinnamon sticks in the freckles aisle.Ethnic Markets - Cinnamon sticks can be purchased at a broad array of ethnic markets, including Latin, Indian and Middle eastern markets.Asian Markets - Many asian markets carry cinnamon sticks.

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Whereas floor cinnamon can sometimes overwhelm a food or beverage, cinnamon sticks space generally much more subtle. Plus, they make gorgeous garnishes. Simply remember to take it them out of whatever you"re infusing prior to enjoying.

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Remember when we stated that cinnamon sticks make gorgeous garnishes? You"re more than likely going to desire to decorate v them in her home, too. Try these elegant candles, do holiday ornaments or simply fill a vase v cinnamon sticks for woodsy table accents.

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If girlfriend dream of a cinnamon-scented home, do potpourri with cinnamon sticks, citrus and any ingredients v fragrances you love. This is so straightforward to do—no special equipment required!