So I'm ~ above a quest. Temba Wide-Arm has instructed me to death 10 bears and also retrieve your pelts and bring them earlier to her. Where space the finest regions come find and kill bear in skyrim?

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There are two caves close come Ivarstead that have actually 4 come 6 bear (seems to vary) once you clear both caves (Honey "something" and also Peak "something" space the partial names ns think). The cross nation route (north the the river and also lake) to Riften usually has actually a variety of bears specifically closer come the mountains. Ns usually obtain lucky together I run throughout a hunter or 2 who have actually bear pelts.

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I ran right into a pretty great size crowd on many occasions as soon as leaving Riften, and just waking north..... Couple groups of four or an ext in the forest... Didn't also have to go into a cave.
There is one cavern southwest the Morthal referred to as brood cavern that i think has actually the many bears together.

Just wander about the area in between Riften and Ivarstead (the Rift) climate you"ll get enough from bears.

Yah, "The Rift" is home of the bear in Skyrim. Running around between Ivastead, Riften and also Dayspring Canyon will acquire you dozens that bears. Watch for almost everywhere you check out a tree v bark missing, ... Oh and also take Serana with you, she has actually an Agro Radius of about 57.96 Km, for this reason she"ll be sure to clues a bear no issue how much away that is.

I recently came across Fallowstone Cave and also there were favor twelve cavern bears in there.


Not sure that is usual, though. There"s claimed to be trolls together well, however maybe all enemies randomly spawned as bears because that me. Every I recognize is the I might have cleared Temba"s quest right there.

You must be careful around not overhunting the bears.  Look in ~ the forgotten Vale and also see what happened when either the eye Elves or the Falmer did not pay attention to the ecological effects of overhunting.  Temba is looking in ~ this from the purely capitalist view of wanting all the hardwood to be pristine.

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Belethor"s shop in Whiterun. That male brings be affected by each other pelts an extremely often. If you have a mode that pressures 1 work restock because that vendors, it"s straightforward to gather 10 pelts. I constantly do this: As soon as ns go to Whiterun and kill the an initial dragon, i buy Breezehome and also i begin buying any kind of bear pelts Belethor sells and also stack them inside Breezehome. By the moment i finish all Whiterun quests (minus companions), ns usually have 10 pelts. Ns then take trip to Ivarstead to satisfy the Greybeards and also hand the 10 pelts prepared to Temba and also proceed to High Hrothgar.