Here’s wherein the orifice tube is located

Auto AC orifice pipe locations

Because that the method an orifice tube works, it’s usually located on the inlet come the evaporator coil. However, on some vehicles the orifice tube location varies. Occasionally it is built into the liquid or high pressure line or put into the high pressure line best where the line connects to the condenser. When the orifice pipe is developed into the line, it’s referred to as a liquid Line Orifice tube (LLOT) or a Suction and Liquid Line with Orifice pipe (SLOT).

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The orifice tube might be located:

In the inlet tube to the evaporator

Built right into the high pressure liquid line

Inserted right into the high push line close to the condenser


The 5 different types of Auto AC orifice and also expansion valves

How come replace and also orifice tube

Before you change an orifice tube, LLOT or SLOT, make sure you understand how an orifice tube system works and ensure you’ve excellent the right testing to conclude the problem is actually led to by the orifice tube. Instead of the orifice tube needs you to fully evacuate the AC system and disconnect the high press liquid line. It’s not a fun job.


AC orifice pipe system

What you’ll need to replace one orifice tube

• Needle sleep pliers

• Orifice remove tool

• brand-new receiver/drier

• AC heat disconnect tool

• instead of orifice the the specific same shade and component number together the old unit

• brand-new AC O-ring and gasket kit for her vehicle

• Refrigerant oil

• Refrigerant restore machine

• AC vacuum pump

• AC manifold gauges

• AC refrigerant scale

• instead of refrigerant


Recover and also evacuate your car’s AC system

Buy or rent a refrigerant restore machine.Attach the manifold gauge collection to the high and also low side ports on her car’s AC systemRecover the old refrigerant (It is illegal come vent the refrigerant right into the atmosphere)

Disconnect the high push line indigenous the evaporator coil

Use the line disconnect device to detach the high pressure line from the evaporator

Remove the orifice tube utilizing needle sleep pliers or removal tool. Note the orientation that the orifice tube. It need to go earlier in the exact same way. Lubricate the O-rings ~ above the brand-new orifice tube v AC oil. Insert the new orifice tube right into the evaporator or LLOT or SLOT.


Lubrication new O-rings and also gaskets through AC oil and also install on line

Reconnect the fluid line to the evaporator or condenser and also follow factory specs because that tightening (if required).

Replace the accumulator

Always replace the accumulator as soon as replacing one orifice tube

Evacuate the system

Add AC oil

Measure exactly how much oil came out during the recovery procedure and replace with the very same amount the oil

Evacuate the AC system

Attach the vacuum pump and pull a vacuum top top the whole system for at least 30-minutes

Recharge with refrigerant

Using the refrigerant scale, recharge through the specific amount the refrigerant. Overcharging by as tiny as 2-oz can considerably reduce the power of her car’s AC system. An ext is no better!

WARNING about plugged orifice tubes

Most orifice tube fail as result of contamination in the AC system as result of sealer, oil degradation or mechanically deterioration. Instead of a plugged orifice pipe without resolving the root problem will an outcome in one more plugged orifice tube. If her orifice tube looks the one below, don’t silly yourself right into thinking you can obtain by with simply a brand-new orifice tube. You’ll need to replace the compressor, condenser and also even the evaporator.

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New and clogged AC orifice tube. Clogged tube shows proof of “Black Death.”

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where is the orifice tube located