Listen come the song you love by installation an AUX cable to her car. This guide can show you the simplest method to carry out this on her E-Class.

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This article uses to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and E-Class AMG (2002-2009).

Having an AUX intake is good because it permits you come play audio indigenous virtually any type of device. If your automobile is pre-wired for an AUX entry cable, climate installing one will be a cinch. We"ll additionally show you just how to download one if your auto isn"t pre-wired. Just follow the accuse below.


Materials NeededOEM assistant cable harnessTorx screwdriverPhillips screwdriverSoldering iron and also solderDrillSilent CD

To inspect if your automobile is pre-wired to expropriate an AUX input, feel approximately the right side of the glove compartment. There must be a small hole in the siding that have the right to be popped out. If you have it, climate your vehicle is pre-wired.

For Pre-Wired Vehicles

Step 1 – eliminate the ideal front door sill and A-pillar

To remove the door sill, just pull increase on it. There is a plastic screw on the A-pillar hidden behind a small circular cover. Remove the screw then pull the A-pillar out.

Figure 1. Remove door sill.Step 2 – remove the plastic covering of the glove compartment

Starting native the edge of the glove compartment, traction the plastic cover out sideways.

Figure 2. Eliminate glove compartment cover.Step 3 – download the auxiliary cable harness

The AUX input plug should fit right into the feet in the side of the glove compartment. Course the cable of the cable harness under the next of the glove box to the edge of the door where you have the right to plug it right into the pre-wired connector. To check it, revolve on the stereo then press and also hold the CDC button until it claims "AUX input active." Then, plugin a maker and play part audio. When finished, reattach the glove box panel, A-pillar, and also door sill.

Figure 3. AUX intake plug.
Figure 4. Pre-wired connector.

For no Pre-Wired Vehicles

Step 1 – remove the stereo head unit

Open the ashtray and also pull the end the console trim. Then, pull the end the ashtray. Unscrew the 2 Torx screws in ~ the corners the the HVAC unit and slide that out, unplugging all the connectors. Unscrew the two Torx screws under the stereotype head unit and also slide that out, unplugging any kind of connectors there together well.

Figure 5. Remove trim and ashtray.Step 2 – Solder audio cable to stereo

Open increase the stereo casing and also look because that the left and also right stereo inputs because that the CD player ~ above the stereo"s circuit board. Carefully solder the audio cable to these inputs.

Figure 6. Soldering points.Step 3 – Install stereo head unit

Route the cable with the earlier of the stereo, climate return the stereo to the car. Drill a little hole where you desire the cable come come out and then course the cable to that point. Return the HVAC unit. To test it, burn a CD filled v silent tracks and also insert it right into the CD player. Revolve on the CD player and press play. Plugin your an equipment to the audio cable and also play part audio. The audio need to come through the stereo speakers. When you"re finished regain the ashtray and also console trim.

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Figure 7. Cable comes out on center console.

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