How perform you say because that example, if you to be on a dating website and also asked "Do you desire to meet up sometime?"

Or if you're asking a friend "Do you desire to accomplish at the library in ~ 10?"

I'm confused since there's conocer, encontrar, reunirse, etc


"Conocerse" is to obtain to recognize someone, and also is frequently used for conference for the an initial time. "Encontrarse" is come come across, or satisfy someone fortuitously or by chance. "Reunirse" is to gather together, or satisfy in fairly a formal way. And also here in Spain we'd usage "quedar" for meeting up for a drink or a date, or just getting in addition to friends.

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We to speak "reunirse" in Colombia when you're meeting v friends or a larger group of civilization (4 or more), and "encontrarse" once talking about the certain action of meeting (when discussing where you're meeting, and at what time, and so on).

"Salir" functions for a date, nice literally, but now that ns think about it, we have actually nothing choose "quedar" in Spain. Us say "quedamos de ir a hacer x, y, z" but that's more like "we agreed to…"


Dating: *¿Podemos vernos un un día de éstos? / ¿Quieres salir un día ? (Un día sounds prefer someday; un día de estos means someday soon)

Friend: ¿Nos vemos en la biblioteca a las 10?

So basically, vernos works both ways; salir of course is to go out and also works for date only.

/u/benzo8 's definitions for conocerse, encontrarse, reunirse job-related the same means in Mexico together well.

The verb you're in search of is "quedar".

¿Quedamos (alguna vez)? ¿Quedamos en la biblioteca a ras 10?

You can also use "verse (el uno al otro)" (to check out each other), however only once you already assume you're going come meet, for example ¿Nos vemos en la biblioteca a las 10?, or come express a wish, you can say "Let's accomplish sometime!" this way: ¡a ver si nos vemos!

Using "quedar" prefer that might be limited to Spain. I would usage "nos vemos" for the first, and "nos vemos" or "nos encontramos" for the 2nd one.

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