There's a time and also a place for everything, evidently. That’s the only explanation for several of these bold looks!


Kathie Lee Gifford and also Hoda Kotb, the leading ladies on the 4th hour these days for the previous 11 years, never make a fashion misstep.

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Still, it"s kind of reassuring to recognize that even they cringe if looking earlier on certain styles.

On Friday morning, the duo offered up evidence of their past fashion offenses and ... Well, simply take a look:

Dueling shoulder pads: Hoda and Kathie Lee wore the fashions the the day.

There are NFL players the end there who lengthy for the sort of shoulder protection Kathie Lee and also Hoda wore in this throwback pics, which explains why Hoda took one look at at she well-padded jacket native days unable to do by and also declared, "I look favor a linebacker!"

And to be clear — the look was no an accident.

"That was the job that i dressed up because that the picture," she stated with a laugh. "That was my finest day. Just so girlfriend know, that wasn"t, "Why go you use that picture?" the was pre-planned!"


While KLG preserved quiet around her puffy shoulders pads, she had one point to say as soon as a previous hairstyle of hair flashed across the screen.

How carry out you measure up a mullet?

Sure, it lacks the usual "business in the front, party in the back" vibe of the classic mullet, but it provides up because that it through feathered-back bangs.

Bang bang!

Yes, before landing top top their existing smooth "dos, both Hoda and also Kathie Lee offered these "90s-worthy, brow-sweeping bangs a go. Frankly, it wasn"t a poor look because that either among them.

Besides, bangs room back.

Some various other bold looks, ~ above the various other hand, can take a little an ext time come be ago in fashion.

A fashion faux pas? Like, totally.

In same to them, though, the Madonna-inspired shining makeup and Aqua net high-rise hair in the over photo was all for a funny "80s segment on the present — and they looked entirely tubular.

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