One Piece: The origins of Luffy’s well known X Scar space BRUTAL - Here's Why Monkey D. Luffy"s scars space a part of that he is — however where go they come from?

return One Piece"s Monkey D. Luffy is most easily recognized through his trademark straw hat, he does have something else that stands out: his scars. Luffy has two scars: a stitch underneath his left eye, i m sorry he provided to himself through a knife by trying to prove his courage to Shanks and his crew back when he was a child. This is something the anime skipped over offered its "violent topic matter," however in the manga, it"s actually the an initial moment the audience watch after gold Roger"s famous an obstacle to the people to find the One Piece during his execution.

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Luffy"s 2nd scar is a huge "x" shape burned across his chest. He received this scar throughout the Marineford Arc, yet it"s not really watched in detail until after the timeskip. During the big War, the shock of seeing his brother Ace was merely too much for Luffy and also he resigned to dice at the hand of Admiral Akainu. However, his allies jumped in to safeguard Straw Hat, the fishman and also Knight the the Sea, Jimbei, especially. Jimbei lugged Luffy"s unconscious body away indigenous the battlefield of Marineford while fleeing the non-saw Akainu as he shed everything in his route with his magma evil one fruit powers.

Jimbei lept over into the port of Marineford yet Akainu managed to follow after him. Throughout the fall, the admiral pierced v Jimbei"s chest through his magma fist to reach the unconscious Luffy in Jimbei"s arms. Together you"d expect, Jimbei remained in intense pain, and also the magma strike left a deep imprint on the unconscious rubber male that would become his "x" scar. If no for Crocodile, Buggy and also the staying Whitebeard Pirates, Jimbei and also Luffy wouldn"t have survived. It"s many thanks to Trafalgar Law and his crew"s suddenly appearance that two even controlled to recover.

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strangely enough, an encounter throughout one that the anime"s filler arcs likewise gave Luffy a comparable "x" scar throughout his chest. This happened throughout the Ocean"s Dream Arc where every one of the crew other than for Robin wake up without any type of memories at all, leave it up to the mysterious newest member that the crew to assist them placed the pieces together and get back their memories. The arc is actually a loose adaption the a 2003 PlayStation game titled One Piece: Ocean"s Dream! throughout this arc, Luffy and also a hypnotized Zoro finish up fighting, which just how he end up gaining an "x" scar throughout his chest — from a wound inflicted by Zoro. The course, due to the fact that this was only filler, it"s no the true origin of Luffy"s scar. Still, provided that the anime go the "x" scar first, it might be feasible this arc gave Oda the incentive for Luffy"s latest badge of war.

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Scars space such an excellent character details, together they tell a story about a personality on their body. And also Luffy"s no different. His eye scar mirrors his settle to become a good pirate, one worthy of respect indigenous his hero, Shanks. And his chest scar is a depiction of how he"s maybe to lug people together. Luffy only had actually met Jimbei and also the Whitebeard Pirates ~ above the day of his brother"s execution, but by the finish of it, they to be risking their very own lives just to protect him. This is in reality something Dracula Mihawk comments on during the war: "It’s no a adversary Fruit, or part cheap trick…one by one, he turns the people around him right into his allies…that man possesses the most terrifying power." A scar says a lot around a person, Luffy"s say the he"s a pressure to it is in reckoned with.