Snow falls in san Diego in 1987. This 8mm film reflects the snowfall report in the university Grove area.

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SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — eye in mountain Diego isn"t as regular an occurrence every year as that is in the county"s hill communities.

On at least 10 occasions, however only 3 of lock official, has snow been taped within the city borders of san Diego, follow to the nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In a 2004 report ~ above the climate of san Diego, the NOAA chronicled the city"s rare background with snowfall, though many of these instances only account for reports the flurries and not substantial snow. However on a couple of occasions, residents at the moment were treated to a snowball fight or two.

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"Genuine snow, even if it is it it is in in the kind of sleet, ice pellets, snow pellets, graupel, or flakes, has fallen in the city on at least 10 days, with only 3 the them thought about official," a report native the NOAA reads.

Here"s a look in ~ the many noteworthy times snow dropped in mountain Diego, follow to NOAA:

1847: While currently weather maintaining hadn"t to be officially established, in December 1847, light eye reportedly fell near Old town with much heavier amounts to the east. There to be a possibility that a couple of flakes dropped in town, but those details are not officially recorded, NOAA says.

1882: referred to as the "Great Storm the January 1882," a storm top top Jan. 14 reduce snowflakes the melted in most instances as they dropped to the ground, NOAA says. Instances of sleet were additionally reported within the city limits. Outside of san Diego, eye was reported in El Cajon valley (3 inches), Poway great (4 inches), and also one inch in the valley. Measurable snow likewise fell in Del Mar. The brunt of this storm to be felt in the eastern County mountains, i beg your pardon saw number of feet of eye in part areas.

1937: eye flurries were reported at Lindbergh Field throughout the early on morning that Jan. 21, but it was not officially tape-recorded in document books because it didn"t happen at an official weather station, NOAA said. Occupants in the eastern and also northern components of the city likewise reported light flurries.

1946: top top Feb. 11, a few brief snow flurries to be reported in parts of the city after cold showers and also icy winds, yet Lindbergh ar didn"t report a flake.

1949: A ring of snow, hail, and also sleet hit mountain Diego top top Jan. 10, with visible snow reported throughout the beforehand morning in ~ Camp Miramar, climbed Canyon, Mt. Helix, eastern San Diego, north Park, La Jolla, point Loma, and El Cajon, NOAA says. Around four to eight inch of snow was reported together low as 1,000 feet. A light spanning was likewise reported in Escondido, feather Valley, and also other areas surrounding san Diego. Lindbergh field reported snow on the 10th and also 11th, the only time in history consecutive job of snow fell in the city, NOAA added.

1967: Snow fell the night the Dec. 13 and covered locations including phibìc Park, eastern San Diego, Clairemont, college City, and also just over Mission Valley. Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Vista, Fallbrook, and La Jolla also reported snowfall. NOAA states one mountain Diego Police Sergeant to be reported speak from his Traffic manage Helicopter: "The entirety city of san Diego to be white." Several little traffic crashes were also reported, presumably due to the fact that of the snow, inundating neighborhood authorities. LINK: WATCH SNOW loss OVER university GROVE IN video clip FROM 1967

1987: mountain Diego an extremely nearly has actually a white Christmas ~ above Dec. 24, once snow to be reported in Descanso and Jamul. Some locations within the city limits reported eye flurries or flakes, yet Lindbergh field didn"t also report rain.

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1990: ~ above Jan. 17, a winter storm led to snow level to autumn rapidly, with snowflakes reported in ~ the city limits, including several coastal communities. Lindbergh Field, however, didn"t report any type of snowfall.