Sonic Breakfast Hours: Sonic Drive-in is fantastic place if you are looking out to have actually breakfast. It uses you several ranges and alternatives for breakfast. Some of the best delicacies you deserve to devour throughout Sonic’s breakfast time can encompass burritos, sandwiches, and toasters. Girlfriend can also enjoy French Toast Sticks and also Cinnabon Cinnasnacks making that a great ever option.

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Sonic Breakfast Hours

Well, Sonic serves a breakfast menu all day – transparent the day. If you room looking come answer the inquiry – go Sonic offer breakfast all day, the reply would certainly be an emphatic YES. As lengthy as the outlet is open up – you get the breakfast menu – therefore simple!

Most the the Sonic outlets are open from 6.00 am in the morning till 12.00 midnight. ~ above Saturdays and also Sundays, they open a small late – in ~ 7.00 am, yet continue to serve till 12.00 midnight.


What time go Sonic close? Well, us seem come have currently answered that as well, right? There might be a few changes relying on the outlet, though. Some stores close at 10.00 afternoon on Sundays. Some other stores close at 11.00 afternoon on weekdays while supplying their solutions till 12 midnight top top Friday and also Saturday. If you desire to recognize what time go Sonic stop serving breakfast, it might be a an excellent idea to examine out their store locator and also find i m sorry time walk the save closest to you stop serving.

How to find Accurate details Using The Chain’s Restaurant Locator?

Since hrs vary indigenous one ar to another, constantly call the restaurant in development or usage the chain’s store locator or both.

You have the right to use the areas tool to uncover the phone number of the Sonic restaurant you wish to visit so friend can speak to them prior to heading out.

Go to top top “Locations” at the top.Enter her city, state, or zip password to find a place near you.And then click the location you wish to visit to view relevant information such together hours, phone numbers, addresses, and also more.

What Time does Sonic prevent Serving Breakfast?

The right alternative to uncover the Sonic breakfast hrs would be to visit their main website and click ~ above the areas tab. Friend should discover Sonic breakfast time for all the places neatly described. That way, you would certainly be far better planned come visit your wanted location and also have wonderful deal that breakfast to your heart’s content.

Finding the ideal Sonic breakfast hours deserve to be a little tricky affair. Much more so, v a vast variety of stores, lock have throughout the US. Several of the stores remain open late on Tuesdays, when some pick some other day to remain up late. In any kind of case, we would assume that our handy guide here will prove to be extremely beneficial in recognize the best Sonics breakfast time so that you do not end up wasting time. Friend can inspect out the save locator and find precisely what time go Sonic stops serving breakfast in ~ a details store.

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What are you wait for? just drive in and also enjoy a sumptuous breakfast.

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