Attention world: Lent is coming sooner than you think. Yes, really. When is Lent 2018? It actually starts next week and also falls top top a small holiday we choose to reap with boxes of chocolates and also champagne (or is that simply me?). Here’s whatever you need to understand in preparation for Lent 2018. 

What is Lent?

In terms of the calendar, as soon as is Lent 2018? Lent covers the 40-day period leading up to Easter and biblically symbolizes the 40 days and also nights Jesus was tested in the wilderness after the was baptized (Matthew 4:2). It also, follow to Catholic Online, symbolizes the 40 year Israelites wandered in the desert.

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Lent is a time of fasting, yet the degree of this fasting varies by tradition and also sect. Catholics, because that example, are encouraged to monitor stricter practices. Protestants, top top the various other hand, have tendency not to follow “church-mandated practices when it concerns fasts,” reports Vox. 

Catholics 14 and also older aren’t an alleged to eat meat ~ above Fridays during Lent, according to USA now who speak to dad Michael Fuller, executive, management director that Secretariat of Doctrine and also Canonical Affairs because that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Fish is allowed.

The Conference that Catholic Bishops website states that, “When fasting, a human being is permitted to eat one full meal, and two smaller meals that together room not equal to a complete meal.” (So…snacks, we guess.)

All #Fridays in #Lent space days that abstinence from meat. My other Catholics in instance you forgot. #Lent2018

— Alicia Siyasiya (
liciakruger) February 8, 2018

According to Vox, every Catholics — no matter how religious — are motivated to fast from meat on good Friday (March 30 this year), and The Conference that Catholic Bishops site likewise notes Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14 this year) as one more day of fasting.


Really, Lent is 46 work long, however Christians observing Lent space told to rest their rapid on Sundays (and over there are 6 Sundays during this period, hence 40 days). 

Western Christianity typically permits people to pick what they wish to rapid from — and also this is why friend hear talk of giving up one thing or another for Lent. 

But why do people give points up because that Lent?

Basically, to offer up part comfort in our stays as Jesus did.

“In Lent, us can breakdown these wall surfaces that keep us tied down. By complying with Jesus into the desert, we can uncover that an are to be delicate in in between the happiness of Christmas and of Easter,” one blogger wrote. “Both are linked by the vulnerability of the God that comes under from heaven to earth, that took human form and that bore wounds in his next to was standing alongside us in our own pain and also our very own struggles.”

Some people additionally commit this time to neighborhood service and also spiritual practices.

Here’s a nice informational video to sum it all up in ready for Lent 2018:

So, when is Lent 2018?

Lent 2018 begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day!) and ends on divine Thursday, March 29 (right before great Friday). However, Christians frequently observe Lent until Easter (or the Saturday before Easter, holy Saturday).

You can’t spell Valentine without Lent.There is no love there is no sacrifice.

— Andrew Hedstrom (
ProtoApostoli) February 4, 2018

What must I provide up for Lent 2018?

You might or may not have offered up anything for Lent before. Many people abstain from sweets, a negative habit, maybe even a poor relationship (hey, you’re law it for Jesus ~ all). 

You can try taking this online quiz to decision what to sacrifice in 2018, and here are some much more ideas native Twitter — a few serious, some bizarre, most simply plain funny.


Giving up selfies for Lent.

— william Holman (
WilliamFHolman) February 13, 2013

Fast indigenous the bad, take on the good

Lent starts a week indigenous today. #AshWednesday #Lent2018

Pope Francis’ thoughts on Lent:

— mar Mallon (
MarycMallon) February 7, 2018

Student loans

Can I offer up my student loans for Lent

— kris Dudenbostel (
chriskindafit) February 4, 2018

Target (or simply your favorite store)

I think because that Lent i’m gonna offer up going to Target since honestly that’s the point I’m most addicted to. I’m totally obsessed v going over there every day and looking up and down every aisle. ?

— Cassandra Fite (
WifeOfAndre) January 26, 2018

Alcohol…(sort of)

If I give up beer because that lent but not liquor… does the count

— Mari (
iniguezmari_) February 7, 2018

And society media!

Im providing up alchohol and social media because that lent this year. Im in reality looking forward to it

— Alex (
baby_aL10) February 7, 2018


Think i’m gonna give up rice because that Lent again this year.

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— Sniper Ghost (
HandsomeHov_) February 8, 2018

New year resolutions

I’m providing up my new Years resolution because that #Lent

— MikeLove (
mikefloyd_22) February 13, 2013


I think ns going to provide up carbohydrates and refined street this year for Lent.

— Joshua (
jcdwm) February 7, 2018


For few of us Catholics who want to offer up chocolate for lent will be utterly disappointed the #AshWednesday drops on #ValentinesDay.

— Mix (
SpaceGirafffe) January 27, 2018


Could girlfriend drive much less for #40days? Why not give up your car for #Lent!This year we’re encouraging girlfriend to provide up driving because that 40 days between Wednesday 14 February and also Saturday 31 March. #Easter