Next come the “buried alive” illustration of television, the “trouble in midair” episode might be my favorite TV staple. Which show has developed your favorite aircraft episode? NCIS is a definite contender after critical night.

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Tony and Ziva went to Paris to escort a whistleblower in a significant defense fraud case back to the States. They claimed there to be a difficulty at the hotel, and they had to share a room. Ziva told the witness, that was even an ext interested in “Tiva” 보다 your diehard ‘shipper, the she slept top top the couch. Tony later on told McGee the he took the couch — then he and Ziva dubbed each various other out for lying. Perform you think lock slept together or upheld Gibbs’ preeminence #12? would you favor a critical answer now, or, prefer me, or you content to allow the display tease us and also then one day, have actually an illustration in which all is revealed? friend know, like someone would certainly recount what taken place in Paris, and also how much things really went in the Season 3 episode “Under Covers,” to their captor if being held hostage or something. Ns sorta love the idea that Tony and Ziva could have slept with each other once, twice or more and us wouldn’t have actually known about it due to the fact that it’s in both their nature to enjoy an opportunity or “duty” and return to normal. (I additionally love that the witness compared Tony and also Ziva’s compatibility to hers and also her job-related boyfriend’s — and also it turned out her friend is the one who placed the struggle on her. Moral: Tony and Ziva would certainly kill each other.) I expect though that the two of them share the bed and also just resting would’ve been something they’d likbsci-ch.orgise want come hide, due to the fact that it mirrors a comfort level and tolerance for each other they wouldn’t want to admit to or have actually others mr over them. That’s what ns think went down in Paris. What about you? PopWatch poll after the jump!

The instances in the air and on the ground attached nicely: Gibbs and McGee were investigating the fatality of a special ops marine who moonlighted together a hitman. He’d been killed by one more assassin who wanted the $500,000 payday because that offing the witness. At very first they assumed it was the commonwealth marshal top top the plane — but he finished up dead — then they believed it to be a shady-acting passenger, yet after his EpiPen saved the life that the witness, he was off the hook. Transforms out the witness’s pillow had been sprinkled through peanut dust — which expected it was the hot trip attendant. Cue the warm fight between her and Ziva. I did have two tiny problems with Tony and also Ziva’s habits in the air: (1) prior to they it to be the trip attendant, Ziva wondered just how the killer acquired to the witness. Um, that could have actually happened whenever you and Tony left she in she seat alone, like once you went to inspect on the marshal in the bathroom or to inspect on the crazy male in heat 16. (2) Tony stated they had actually no other an option but to use that suspect’s EpiPen. Ns guess over there wasn’t time to yell out asking if anyone rather on the plane had one? Those issues, however, are simple to forgive when you have awesome tiny Tony moments prefer him extending for a snooping Ziva by telling the marshal the he just finished reading the Twilight saga and is Team Edward, and also agonizing end the decision of which of his Paris photos come delete so his camera had the memory to take it a snapshot of the murdered marshal to front to Ducky.

Maybe you discovered the tiny hard-to-read glances Tony and also Ziva gave each other throughout the illustration to be a turn-on, but something else obtained me going more… and also it to be McGee in that black coat, collar up, dealing with the speeding auto of the witness’s husband and also firing. No. Well, yes, actually. However there to be something else, something also hotter: the scene in which D.C. Madam Holly eye (guest star Dina Meyer), that was somehow the middleman between the husband and the assassin, speak dirty come Gibbs. (Watch it in ~ 6:07 in this clip.)

Holly: I believed so. I’m normally pretty good at analysis people, what castle respond to… duty play?

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Mark Harmon played the perfectly. Gibbs is a male who responds to strong, sexy females — but he’s also a guy who likes to be in control and also knows once to get serious. (Though the reality that they were both a little serious during that dirty talk is what made it kinda steamy, right? Man, that’s a great guest spot, obtaining to come on to Harmon as he grins at you.)

What was her favorite scene? whereby does the illustration rank on her list of TV’s top aircraft plots?