This short article is to inform everyone on who specifically has left Panic! at The Disco and their factors why.

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After the relax of their first debut album A heat You can’t Sweat Out and also the beginning of the their an initial tour as a band, Panic! in ~ The Disco confronted their very first split. With original member Brent Wilson leaving the band, leave Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith together the original members left.

Both Brent Wilson and the rest of the band spoke out about this split, through Brent saying:

“I to be kicked out of the band, it was 100 percent a surprised to me. We were around to leave for a present in California, and also they referred to as me the night before and also told me i was the end of the band. The just reason they offered was it was for ‘musical purposes.’ every little thing was good and fine, we had actually just gotten ago from a tourism in Europe, and also there had actually been no vault conversations around anyone leave the band. I don’t know why they made decision me.”

This sparked Ryan Ross to speak out and say that the break-up was a decision us all came to as a band. This caused Brent come speak the end again saying:

“The Story they told friend made me really angry, due to the fact that they said the issue was disputed as a band, and it wasn’t debated at all. It was done together a phone call and also the only human who spoke was Spencer. Apparently Brendon and Ryan to be in the speakerphone too, yet they didn’t say a word. They never even said they were sorry.”

In an e-mail to MYV News Spencer speak our saying:

We do the decision based upon Brent’s absence of responsibility and the reality that that wasn’t proceeding musically through the band. Brent did no write any kind of of his bass parts on the record. Brent walk not record one keep in mind of bass on the record. Brendon and also Ryan wrote all of the bass parts and also Brendon recorded all of the base parts. We had actually to simplify some of the bass parts that were recorded because Brent could not play them live. Our document would’ve sounded another same also if Brent wasn’t in the band throughout the creating or recording process. These space all points that only a few people know, and we were fine v that. Stating these points would just make Brent prefer bad and we had no intention of doing that.”

Both parties have likewise come out to discuss and talk around whether money was also a variable that can have affected Brent Wilson leaving Panic!

Jon pedestrian was later added into the band together a replacement bassist because that Brent.


Once Pretty. Odd. Had been recorded and toured for Panic! in ~ The Disco came challenge to face with another split. This time both Ryan Ross and Jon walker left, leave Brendon Urie and also Spencer smith to lug on through the bands name. The news is the separation was announced on the bands MySpace account which wrote:

”Ryan Ross and Jon Walker will certainly be leave Panic! in ~ The Disco to embark on a musical excursion of your own. Despite the four of us have made music with each other in the past, we’ve creatively advanced in various directions which has compromised what each of united state what come personally achieve. End the years, we have remained close and honest v each other, which helped us to realise our objectives were different and that parting means is truly what is ideal for each of us. We are all excited for the future, you have to be too.”

After this split, that left Ryan and Jon who produced their very own band dubbed ‘The Young Veins’ who carried on through a sound the was comparable to Pretty. Odd. If Brendon and also Spencer lugged on to develop the sound the Vices and also Virtues. Authorized Brendon and also Spence within the tape was Dallon Weekes as a bassist and Ian Crawford together a guitarist.



After touring through Panic! in ~ The Disco throughout Vices and also Virtues Era, Ian Crawford ultimately left to go after his own music career path. This break-up was the one that had the least talked about it, Ian spoke out through the simple words top top Twitter:

”Sorry, yet I want to bring back real actual music. Ns don’t wanna get rich or die trying.”

As he to be a touring member he had no creative influence on any type of albums of Panic! and therefore left to do his own music in the means he want to. Kenny Harris was included as a touring members to replace Ian because that the upcoming albums and also tours.


After the release of also Weird come Live, also Rare come Die and also a te of being apart that the Panic! at The Disco it was unfortunate the we had actually to to speak a farewell to Spencer Smith. The spoke out on the bands website around his departure, his previous struggles with substance abuse and thanking his bandmates for their continued support.

”To ours fans, after ~ 10 years of gift a component of this unbelievable journey it saddens me come say the I will be leaving Panic! This was not basic decision come come on, yet after a lot of thinking it became clear that this is what’s ideal for me and also the band. Ns love this band through all my heart, and also getting to check out it prosper from 4 youngsters in my parents garage to what it is now has actually been incredible. Ns loved it all. But, a certain point, i realised that ns wasn’t able to it is in there for the band that way I want to be, and much more importantly, the way they necessary me come be.”

”They aided me with those unstable times, and now, on the various other side, v two years sobriety indigenous prescription medication, and also working ~ above a year sobriety from alcohol, ns am nothing however grateful for every they have done.”

After Spencer blacksmith departed climate Dan Pawlovich together a touring drummer.


December 2017 we witnessed Dallon Weekes leave, from starting as a touring member to ending up being a full-time member that helped creatively on TWTL, TWTD and then going back to a touring member Dallon had actually a good 8 year run with Panic! at The Disco.

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Early in 2017 Dallon launched his very own solo project with Ryan Seaman referred to as ‘I Don’t know How but They uncovered Me’, Dallon spoke the end on his Instagram about his exit of Panic! saying:

”For the critical eight year I’ve had the incredible opportunity to do in Panic! in ~ The Disco. While ns sad come announce that my time through Panic! has pertained to an end, i’m excited to proceed making music through my new project ‘I nothing How yet They uncovered Me’. I’m grateful for the possibility I’ve had to be component of Panic! in ~ The Disco for practically a decade. I will constantly consider myself indebted to those made me feeling welcome to be a component of P!ATD. You adjusted my life. Say thanks to you all.”

We invited the exceptional bassist Nicole row for the upcoming tourism of Panic!

It was lugged to our attention in late September ~ above Twitter of some misconduct allegations against Kenny, this allegations were about him talk to and also ask underage girl on Snapchat for photos. No further information has come the end to state there these are true or not, there was a quick tweet posted on the bands Twitter a few days later that stated:

”Touring musician Kenny Harris will certainly no longer be performing v us since of a personal matter.”

It is currently offical that Mike Naran is now the band’s brand-new guitarist and will be touring them because that the remainder of the Pray because that The evil shows.