The square source of 225 is expressed together √225 in the radical form and together (225)½ or (225)0.5 in the exponent form. The square source of 225 is 15. The is the optimistic solution the the equation x2 = 225. The number 225 is a perfect square.

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Square root of 225: 15Square root of 225 in exponential form: (225)½ or (225)0.5Square source of 225 in radical form: √225
1.What Is the Square source of 225?
2.Is Square root of 225 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to uncover the Square root of 225?
4.FAQs top top Square root of 225

What Is the Square source of 225?

For actual numbers a and also b, if a2= b, we have the right to express a =√bThis means that a is the 2nd root that b.15 × 15 = 225 and also -15 ×-15 = 225.Therefore, √25 = 15


Is the Square root of 225 rational or Irrational?

225 can be expressed together the ratio of 2 integers.As 225 deserve to be expressed together 225 = 225/1.Thus 225 is rational.

How to discover the Square root of 225?

The square root of 225 deserve to be discovered by assorted methods.

Square source of 225 by element Factorization

Get the element factorization done for the number 225 by the laddermethod or the aspect tree an approach to obtain the factors.Aftergetting the prime factors, arrange them in such a way that they canbe expressed together a product the number x number.√225 = √(5 × 5 × 3 × 3)Squaring top top both the sides, us get, √225 =√(52 × 32)This gives, 5 × 3 = 15

Square source of 225by Long department Method

Here are the procedures to discover the square source of 225

Step 1: write the pair the digits starting from one's place. Below 25 is the pair.Step 2: On finding a divisor "n"such the n× nresults in the product ≤2. We find1 × 1 = 1, follow the process oflong department and obtainthe remainder. Below it is 1.Step 3: Now,bring down the following pair the numbers. Here it's 25. Main point the quotient 1 by 2 and also write that in the brand-new divisor's place. Below it's2.Step 4: uncover a divisor "n"such the n × nresults in the product ≤125. Get the following quotient ar as 5. Currently we acquire our new divisor together 25, as 5 × 125 = 225. Divide and also get the remainder. Here we obtain 0. Thus finding the square root of 225 by long department is completed.Therefore, 15 is the square source of 225.


Explore Square roots using illustrations and also interactive examples

Important Notes:
Finding the square source is an inverse procedure of squaring the number.Irrational numbers can not be expressed as a proportion of 2 integers. Example: π and also √sqrt 2. This renders 225 is rational together it deserve to be expressed together 225/1.225 is a perfect square.

Tips and also Tricks

Subtract from 225 by succeeding odd organic numbers, until you obtain 0. The variety of times you subtract offers you the square root of 225.Check by the well-known multiplication truth that 225 = 15 × 15.

Square root of 225 addressed Examples

Example 1:Mark wants to fencehis square backyard. He knows his backyard is 225 square feet. How plenty of feet that fencing will note need?


To fence he requirements to know each next of his backyard.All the political parties of the fence room equal.Area = next × side = 225 sq feet.As, 15 × 15 = 225Each side will be = 15 feet

He needs to fence 4 × 15 = 60 sq feet.

Example 2:James wants to purchase a new rug because that his life room. In thestore, he find a square rug that has an area the 25 sq feet.a. Exactly how long is each side of the rug?b. How numerous of those rugs are essential to sheathe an area of 225 square feet?


a. Area is 25 sq feet = next × sidesq feet.The size of every side the the rug will certainly be 5 feet.

b. To cover one area that 225 square feet, he needs 225÷ 5= 45 rugs.

Example 3: If the area that a one is 225π in2. Uncover the radius the the circle.


Let 'r' it is in the radius of the circle.⇒ Area that the circle = πr2 = 225π in2⇒ r = ±√225 inSince radius can't be negative,⇒ r = √225The square root of 225 is 15.⇒ r = 15 in

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FAQs ~ above the Square source of 225

What is the value of the Square root of 225?

The square source of 225 is 15.

Why is the Square root of 225 a reasonable Number?

Upon element factorizing 225 i.e. 32 × 52, we discover that all the prime factors are in also power. This suggests that the square source of 225 is a positive integer. Therefore, the square source of 225 is rational.

Evaluate 5 plus 3 square source 225

The provided expression is 5 + 3 √225. We know that the square root of 225 is 15. Therefore, 5 + 3 √225 = 5 + 3 × 15 = 5 + 45 = 50

If the Square root of 225 is 15. Find the value of the Square source of 2.25.

Let us represent √2.25 in p/q form i.e. √(225/100) = 15/10 = 1.5. Hence, the worth of √2.25 = 1.5

Is the number 225 a Perfect Square?

The element factorization the 225 = 32 × 52. Here, every the numbers room in the power of 2. This means that the square source of 225 is a optimistic integer. Therefore, 225 is a perfect square.

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What is the Square that the Square root of 225?

The square the the square root of 225 is the number 225 chin i.e. (√225)2 = (225)2/2 = 225.