The school holidays will stretch the end a little bit longer this year due to the method St Patrick"s Day falls - here"s all you should know


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There's a little of a wait in save until your following break indigenous work yet Easter is collection to come at an early stage this year.

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But it's what this way for schools that is different this year - children will it is in off college for three weeks together Easter falls so close to St Patrick's Day.

Easter will have actually special definition in Ireland this year together the nation gets set to commemorate the 1916 Rising.

When is Easter 2016?

This year Easter Sunday drops on in march 27, which means good Friday's date is Friday march 25, and also Holy Thursday will autumn on in march 24.

The bank Holiday Monday will certainly then fall on march 28.

How numerous days until Easter 2016?

How plenty of days until Easter

Days until Easter









Why go Easter readjust every year?

Easter does not autumn on the same date every year, definition the Easter weekend and the job leading approximately it, including Pancake Tuesday and Lent different every year.

Easter's day is determined by the lunar calendar and therefore usually drops on the very first Sunday after the full moon top top or prior to March 21.

Because Easter falls particularly early this year it will certainly come simply days after ~ St Patrick's Day.

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What go this mean for ireland schools?

The timeless St Patrick's Day financial institution Holiday will autumn on Thursday march 17 as usual which method just one day lies in between the holiday and also the Easter break.

Friday march 18 has actually been had in the holiday period by the department of education as a bonus work to develop a bumper Easter break, but the day will have to be made up during the remainder of the college year.

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Children will certainly be off school for 19 work this Easter, finishing up on Wednesday march 16 and also returning top top Monday April 4.