T/F A tower case conserves an are since it can double as a monitor stand.

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T/F A DVI harbor transmits a video signal and also is likewise called a DB-15 port. False
T/F one Ethernet port has a connector called an RJ-45 to attach to a network cable True
T/F functions that used to be provided by development cards are an ext often found as on plank ports today. True
Hard drives have three relations for cables: one for analysis data, one for creating data, and also one because that power. False
Which form of port transmits both digital audio and also digital video with a single connector? HDMI
Which of the following is an audio port the connects to an exterior home theatre audio system, providing digital audio output? S/PDIF
Which the the following is not true of a motherboard? has a warm sink ~ above the PCIe slots
Which of the complying with is most likely to be installed in a PC, is considered primary storage, and has windows 7 mounted on it? hard disc drive
Which component probably has a dual-voltage selector switch, and has cables that affix to the motherboard and also drives? PSU
Which is the most common kind factor provided today for computer system cases, strength supplies, and also motherboards? ATX
Which strength supply connector is the key motherboard strength connector on most motherboards today? 24 pin
If you have a PCI Express version 2 video card, how numerous pins will certainly the power connector have actually if the card needs extra power? 8
Which standard provides the ideal performance for difficult drives? SATA
Which disk journey standard offers an 80-conductor cable? EIDE
Which unit of electrical energy measures electric force and also 115 is a usual value? Volt
Which unit of electrical energy measures is used to measure up the power usage of a device? Watt
Which type of electrical existing is provided to transmit power to our homes and workplaces? Alternating
Which that the complying with is true about AC electricity? It travel from a warm line and also returns ~ above a neutral line
What kind of ingredient holds its charge even after the power is rotate off and the machine is unplugged? Capacitor
Which the the adhering to is true about an FRU? A support technician should know how to replace one
Which type of fire extinguisher should you have accessible in the occasion of an electric fire? Class C
What is a result of two objects v dissimilar electrical charges touching? ESD
What tool can help discover and report computer system errors and conflicts that happen when you an initial turn top top a computer and before the operating mechanism is launched? POST card
Which general-purpose tool deserve to measure characteristics of electricity in a selection of devices? Multi-meter
T/F as soon as disassembling a computer, it's okay to ridge circuit boards on peak of each various other as long as you monitor ESD security rules False
T/F automatically after friend unplug the computer from the power outlet, you're safe to start working inside the case. False
T/F The motherboard sits on elevated screw feet or spacers to store it from poignant the case. True
T/F A system constantly needs the 4-pin auxiliary strength connector, and sometimes needs the P1 connector together well.

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T/F A board with PCIe slots might have a 4-pin Molex power connector to provide additional power to some types of PCIe boards. False
Which of the complying with is not a good practice as soon as working within a computer case? be certain to hold growth cards through the edge connectors
Which of the following is the 2nd step in opened the situation of a working computer? power under the system and also unplug it
To what must you normally clip the soil bracelet before you job-related inside the computer case? the next of the computer case
What perform you contact a connector on a motherboard that is composed of pins that stick increase from the board? header
Which the the complying with can be defined as round plastic or steel pegs that different the motherboard native the bottom that the case? Standoff
Which that the following represents the correct order in which you must install components into the case after disassembling a computer? power supply, drives, motherboard, cards
Which the the complying with is true about installing the motherboard and connecting power? a 4-pin strength cord provides supplemental power to the processor
Which of the following is not a common connector uncovered on the front panel header? SATA controller
Which product is a cooler the sits atop the CPU most most likely made of? Copper
What is placed in between the bottom of the cooler warm sink and the height of the processor that makes an airtight connection between the fan and also processor? thermal compound
Along through the processor, what other maker is the highest warm producer in the system? video card
Under what circumstance is a liquid cooling device most likely used? overclocking
If your computer is in a dirty, dusty environment, what tool have to you use periodically to protect against overheating? compressed air
What identify the physical size of a strength supply and also the placement of screw holes? form factor
Which the the complying with is true around fans in the computer system? large fans tend to run quieter
Which modern technology may need that you purchase a power supply that specifically supports that technology? SLI
Which that the following is a factor to consider when purchasing a strength supply with the exactly wattage? the strength supply must be rated 30% greater than your needs
What is the an outcome of utilizing a 3-pin fan connector top top a 4-pin header on the motherboard? the fan rate cannot be controlled
What does a small triangle embedded on a connector signify? the wire nearest the triangle is pin 1
Which of the following is the Intel maximum degree limit because that processors? 185 F