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Landmark Alert treatment can lug you urgent, personalized treatment by a medical team familiar with your health and wellness history. 

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Living with chronic health and wellness conditions? We can help.

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Our providers and also care teams pertained to you, bringing treatment through house contact visits. This in-home medical treatment is designed approximately understanding your wellness needs and also goals. We have actually 24/7 availability and job-related with you and your constant doctors to help you continue to be well and also stay home.


House phone call and video clip visits in 18 states.

Landmark partners with health plans to carry medical, behavior health, and palliative care, in addition to social services, to patients in 52 communities throughout the U.S. Our mobile providers visit patient in their houses through in-person residence calls and also telemedicine access time over video clip and phone.

We are the future of health and wellness care.

Landmark is among the nation’s largest healthcare companies concentrated on in-home treatment of complex, chronic patients. Our physician-led provider groups support cooperation ties between community-based organizations, primary care providers, specialists and also patients and also their families.


Health care in her home

Old-fashioned house calls by clinical doctors, nurse practitioners and also physician aides bring contemporary medicine to you. Feel better and remain well in ~ home.

Covered by your wellness plan

The Landmark regimen works with health plans to improve access to care for patients v multiple chronic conditions. Landmark’s team-based treatment is obtainable often at no price to you.

Keep your existing doctors

Landmark coordinates its care with your primary care provider, specialists and other neighborhood resources. Landmark provides added support to those who require it most.

Available 24 / 7

Reach us any kind of time of the day or night, consisting of weekends and also holidays. We also administer urgent visits to aid you prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

No wait room

With Landmark house calls, girlfriend won’t need transportation to clinics and also hospitals, and you avoid waiting rooms and also exposure come germs.

Reduced stress

Patients and caregivers enjoy tranquility of mind v Landmark support. Landmark cares because that the whole patient.

Collaborative care for complex patients

Landmark’s community-based mobile providers carry coordinated care to patients with multiple chronic health conditions. We augment your treatment in the patient’s home.

Covered by health plans

The Landmark regime is consisted of in standard patients’ health plans come improve care coordination and also healthcare accessibility for home-limited patients.

You continue to be the primary care provider

Landmark care is coordinated straight with you. Our companies reinforce her care plan in the house through physician-led interdisciplinary treatment teams.

Access our interdisciplinary team

Landmark’s interdisciplinary care team is obtainable to you and also your patients, including behavior health specialists, society workers, palliative treatment specialists, nurse treatment managers and also pharmacists.

Reduce governmental burden

We can aid your highest acuity patients by controlling post-acute care, home health orders, face-to-face encounters, and also more.

24 / 7 availability

You have the right to reach us any type of time, consisting of weekends and holidays. We do urgent home visits to intervene if her patient experiences a chronic an illness exacerbation.

Chronic treatment management

We’re among the nations’ leading risk-bearing clinical groups. We emphasis on giving your most complicated members care when they need it, best in your home.

Over 100,000 patients across the country

We bear danger for end 100,000 complex, chronic patients, covering Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Dual, Commercial, and Exchange populations.

Behavioral, social and also palliative care

Our team of multidisciplinary clinicians may include behavior health specialists, palliative treatment practitioners, society workers, nurse care managers, dietitians and also pharmacists.

24 / 7 ease of access

One in four of our residence visits is urgent. We lug medical treatment to her members once they require it, to avoid unnecessary emergency room trips and hospitalizations.

Built-for-purpose infrastructure

Our an innovation platform is designed particularly to assistance the medically vulnerable, clinically complicated population.

Meaningful outcomes

Landmark frequently achieves 4- and also 5-star power on Medicare STARS clinical quality of care, if caring for the most complex patients.

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Landmark provides care for complex, chronic patients to positively influence access, satisfaction, outcomes and also cost.

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