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To Kill a MockingbirdChapter 51. Describe Miss Maudie Atkinson. How typical is sheof Maycomb’s women? What do the children think ofher?2. Miss Maudie says, “…sometimes the Bible in thehands of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle inthe hand of—oh, of your father.” Explain what shemeans.3. What does Miss Maudie tell Scout about Boo?How does this compare with what Scout alreadybelieves?4. Scout says that “Dill Harris could tell the biggest”lies she ever heard. Why might Dill have told such lies?5. Paraphrase Atticus’ speech about the Radleys’ right toprivacy. Do you agree with his point of view? Why or whynot?ScuppernongsChapter 61. List the four reasons Jem and Dill give for deciding to peekinto the Radley window on this particular night.2. Find and write down the line from early in the chapter that foreshadows the trouble Jem will havewhen he tries to flee the Radley’s backyard.3. Jem wants to return to the Radley yard and fetch his pants so he can stay out of trouble withAtticus. Scout wants Jem to leave the pants where they are and face the consequences with Atticus.With which child do you agree? Why?To Kill a MockingbirdChapter 71. According to Scout, what’s the only good thing about secondgrade?2. What spooked Jem on the night of the Radley house incident? Who,do you suppose, did this?3. After they find the soap dolls, what does Jem realize that Scout doesnot yet understand?4. Look closely at this line: “Jem stared at me so long I asked what was the matter, but got Nothing, Scout foran answer.” What does the elimination of the quotation punctuation do for this passage?5. At the end of the chapter, Jem quietly cries alone on the porch. Give two reasonsto explain Jem’s tears.Chapter 81. What does Mr. Avery say that bad children cause? What’s ironic aboutthis, given Jem and Scout’s reaction to the snow?2. Why does Atticus awaken Jem and Scout instead of just lettingthem sleep through the fire incident? Give a line of text to supportyour answer.3. During the fire, Boo Radley has quietly placed a blanketacross Scout’s shoulders. Why doesn’t Jem want his fatherto return the blanket to the Radley family?4. After the fire is over, how does Miss Maudie feel aboutthe destruction of her house? What does this tell youabout her character, her values?5. Write down the line of text from this chapter thatshows Jem believes that he and Scout are no betterthan anyone else in their town.6. Once you’ve finished the chapter, go back andlook at the portion that describes Jem and Scout’ssnowman, which is covered with white snow on theoutside, but has a core of dark mud. Symbolicallyconnect the snowman to either Mr. Avery (go beyondthe “Morphodite’s” physical similarity to Mr. Avery)or Boo Radley. How could the snowman be seenas a symbol for one of these men?