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To kill a MockingbirdChapter 51. Describe Miss Maudie Atkinson. How typical is sheof Maycomb’s women? What execute the kids think ofher?2. Miss out on Maudie says, “…sometimes the bible in thehands of one male is worse 보다 a whiskey bottle inthe hand of—oh, of your father.” define what shemeans.3. What does miss out on Maudie phone call Scout about Boo?How walk this compare through what reconnaissance alreadybelieves?4. Scout claims that “Dill Harris might tell the biggest”lies she ever heard. Why can Dill have told such lies?5. Pictured Atticus’ speech about the Radleys’ best toprivacy. Perform you agree with his allude of view? Why or whynot?ScuppernongsChapter 61. Perform the 4 reasons Jem and also Dill provide for deciding to peekinto the Radley home window on this particular night.2. Find and also write under the line from beforehand in the chapter that foreshadows the problem Jem will certainly havewhen he tries come flee the Radley’s backyard.3. Jem desires to return to the Radley yard and also fetch his trousers so he deserve to stay the end of trouble withAtticus. Scout wants Jem to leave the pants whereby they are and face the consequences with Atticus.With i m sorry child perform you agree? Why?To kill a MockingbirdChapter 71. According to Scout, those the only great thing around secondgrade?2. What spooked Jem on the night the the Radley house incident? Who,do girlfriend suppose, go this?3. After ~ they discover the soap dolls, what walk Jem realize that Scout doesnot however understand?4. Look very closely at this line: “Jem stared in ~ me so lengthy I request what was the matter, but got Nothing, enlightenment foran answer.” What does the remove of the quotation punctuation perform for this passage?5. In ~ the finish of the chapter, Jem quiet cries alone top top the porch. Offer two reasonsto explain Jem’s tears.Chapter 81. What walk Mr. Avery to speak that poor children cause? those ironic aboutthis, given Jem and Scout’s reaction to the snow?2. Why walk Atticus awaken Jem and Scout rather of simply lettingthem sleep with the fire incident? provide a heat of text to supportyour answer.3. During the fire, Boo Radley has actually quietly put a blanketacross Scout’s shoulders. Why no Jem want his fatherto return the blanket to the Radley family?4. After the fire is over, exactly how does miss Maudie feel aboutthe destruction of she house? What walk this call youabout her character, she values?5. Create down the heat of text from this chapter thatshows Jem believes that he and also Scout room no betterthan anyone rather in your town.6. Once you’ve perfect the chapter, go back andlook at the section that defines Jem and Scout’ssnowman, i beg your pardon is covered with white eye on theoutside, however has a core of dark mud. Symbolicallyconnect the snowman to either Mr. Avery (go beyondthe “Morphodite’s” physical similarity come Mr. Avery)or Boo Radley. How can the snowman be seenas a prize for among these men?