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I need to run an electrical line indigenous the home to where the pump because that the swimming pool is going come be, i m sorry is about 120 feet. The pump itself needs a 220 v a 30amp breaker. Additionally within the brand-new electric crate for the pump, ns would favor a pair of extra breakers to run some out lighting. What dimension breaker carry out I require at my main box at the house, and what size wire come the brand-new box?
That relies upon the lightingA basic use outlet is additionally required in between 6"-20" of the poolWire dimension will depend upon the loadFor a couple of lights, 20a circuit & 30a 240v pump I"d perhaps run a 50a sub-panelYou might use #8 wire for simply under a 50a 240v loadThere room very certain rules for running a feed near a pool & because that connecting the pump

How large the swimming pool pump itself ?? many pool pump i dealt they usually use 20 amp breaker on 240 volts circuit yet if you are on 2008 NEC password then the pool pump have to be RCD GFCI reguardless that voltage to the swimming pool pump.You will need subpanel size at the very least 50 amp size but the code is an extremely strict on this ar it have to be in conduit PVC no UF cable is enabled at all.When you run this in the conduit friend must have actually 4 cable conductor black , red ,white and also green no bare is enabled in ~ the subpanel ar you should keep the netural and also ground seperated.Yeah the course every the 120 volt circuits it need to be RCD GFCI you have the right to run 10mm² # 8 AWG however that is ideal on borderline v voltage autumn if loaded to max I come up v 3.9% Voltage fall Merci.Marc
The answer will certainly be based upon NEC ( National electrical code ) or CEC ( Cananda electrical code ) or ECF ( Electrique password France )
240vA 30a breaker is quite big, mine only has actually a 20a breakerDoes the Mfg spec the 30a ?And they are forced to it is in GFCI protected under NEC 2008One thing I thought of.....One human being ran a 50a below & then had problems with local Inspector that wanted a 60a disconnectI ran a 60a sub with a 100a key breaker dashboard in my swimming pool cabanaSo ns would check with your local building Dept ~ above what they room going to requireCheck your distance, that will impact voltage dropFor a 40a fill you would have actually a 3% drop

Yeah if girlfriend going with subpanel the is plenty big however because that 1.5 HP motor you only need 20 amp 2 pole breaker max due castle draw around 9 amp variety give or take it one or two on it depending on architecture of motour.Dave ., If friend are conscious with NEC code for OCPD sizing you have the right to go max of 250% that FLA full load amps look up in arts 430 and art 440 that will cover majorty of the motors consisting of HVAC motours }But with Cord et plug set up becarefull the bet will be off depending upon the cord size and so on if hardwired climate you can take a advanage the the arts 430/440Most motor i dealt most are working just fine at 150 ~ 175% because that OCPD sizing uneven the manufacter stated on the nameplate { this is necessary with A/C the end unit I will certainly expain various other time on the one Let get ago to the OP"s situation the other item you may need is the timer to run the swimming pool pump.If that the instance you will require Intermatic T103 120 volt clock motor or T104 240 volt clock engine but if you have gaz swimming pool heater permit us recognize that deserve to I can administer the diffrent timer version number because that it it will have actually heater shut off around 20 minuites before the pump revolve off Merci,Marc

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The answer will certainly be based upon NEC ( National electric code ) or CEC ( Cananda electrical code ) or ECF ( Electrique password France )