WHAT YOU will certainly NEED:100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or Cotton/Poly blend fabric, iron & board, parchment paper. Scissors & tweezers optional.

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BEFORE friend BEGIN:If girlfriend pre-wash the towel do no use fabric softener. Dry & stole if necessary. Collection iron come hottest setting.

NOTE:Please it is in patient and read through all these instructions and the tips and tricks. Outcomes will vary based on your iron and clothing items. The optimal temperature on her iron must be in between 300-320 degrees Fahrenheit, but since household irons perform not show the temperature *usually* the hottest setting works best.

1. Your style will most likely be pre-cut. If not, simply trim or reduced apart piece as needed.

2. Pre-iron fabric. This clears wrinkles and also releases any kind of moisture in the fabric. Arrange her decal ~ above the fabric with the clean carrier paper on top.

3. Place a slim towel, piece of fabric, or parchment paper on peak of the decal.

4. Firmly push the steel in little sections v strong, even pressure. Host for 10-15 seconds at a time. Permit cool 100%. This is important. Many people get frustrated due to the fact that they attempt to peel the backing off as well soon and find the the decal is not moving to the fabric. If it has actually cooled 100% and also is still no coming off, try firmly pressing again, for 15-20 secs at a time, and even shot peeling if warm/hot. It might be that your iron is not getting hot enough, or perhaps your form of fabric works much better with a warm/hot peel.

If girlfriend are pushing for an ext than 30 secs (some world have reportedly left the stole on for 5 minute or more!) then you should try a various iron and/or fabric. It have to NOT be that an overwhelming or require that amount of time come transfer.

5. If applicable, repeat because that each ar of design. If you have added colors or layers include them over peak using the same steps.

IMPORTANT!!!!AFTER CARE:For best results we recommend washing your garment inside out on a gentle cycle v a gentle detergent and also no towel softener. Hang or tumble dried on low heat. Iron as necessary, either inside out or v a slim towel parchment paper over top.

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