“back” is a very common word in English. We usage “back” in numerous different situations.

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“back” is a noun, verb, adjective and also adverb. Let’s watch at each one.

back together a noun

There room two provides of “back” together a noun:

Part that the body.Opposite the “front”.

Let’s watch at every one.

Part of the body

“back” is component of the body as per this photograph:


Examples:He is lying on his back.David is scratching his back.

The opposite of “front”

“back” is the opposite of “front”.“back” describes part of an item that is the furthest native the front.


The driver is at the front of the bus.Mark is in ~ the back of the bus.

This is the back of Mark’s hand.


There is a bath towel on the back of the chair.I found my pen in the back of the drawer.

“back” as a verb

There space two supplies of “back” as a verb:

To support someone or something.To turning back or relocate backwards (opposite that forwards).

Let’s look at every one.

support who or something

Meaning: To give support to someone or something with money or words.


Jane: my colleagues backed my idea throughout the meeting.

I inquiry the bank for a loan yet they are refusing to back me.The politicians backed the element Minister’s plans.

to earlier up

Meaning:To reverse a car.To journey a car backwards (opposite of forwards).


Example:Your auto is blocking the entrance. Please ago up a couple of metres.

to back into something

Form: back into somethingMeaning: come crash right into something while moving backwards.


Mark: I had a vehicle accident yesterday.Jane: What happened?Mark: ns backed into a lamppost!

back as an adjective

“back” together an adjective explains position. The meaning is the opposite of “front”. We create “back” instantly before the noun.


Here is the ago garden. And also here is theback door.

by freeimages.com/photographer/Ayla87-49541

There is a coat on the ago seat that the car. Is it yours?

“back” as an adverb

An adverb modifies a verb. “back” modifies many verbs in English and it is this usage that reasons most confusion to learners of English.

The general definition of “back” as an adverb is “return”.

In this ar we will certainly look at the adhering to verbs and structures:

go backput backtake backcarry backlook backdoing the same activity to someonecall backwrite back

Let’s watch at every one in detail.

go back

Meaning: go back to a ahead place.

Example:7 o’clock – note leaves home and he goes to London.

by freeimages.com/photographer/Ayla87-49541

10 o’clock – mark leaves London and he goes ago home.

by freeimages.com/photographer/Ayla87-49541

put back

Form: placed something backMeaning: Return things to a previous place.

Example:I have actually taken the keys from her bag. Ns will put them earlier later.


take back

Form: take something backMeaning: Return things to a vault place.

Example:The gloves are the wrong size. I am going to take them back to the shop.

by freeimages.com/photographer/windchime-38594

carry back

Form: carry something backMeaning: Return things to a previous place by carrying it.

Example:Mark is carrying the boxes earlier to the lorry.

by stockimages & digitalart | FreeDigitalPhotos.net

look back

Meaning: look at behind you

Example:I to be walking in the park. Ns heard a according to noise behind me. Ns looked back and I experienced a dog.

doing the same action to someone

We also use “back” as an adverb to explain doing the same activity to someone in return. Who does an action to you and you perform the same action in return. You carry out it ago to them.



Jane shouted in ~ Mark and also he shouted back at her.Jane kissed Mark. Mark kissed mrs back.“If you absent me, I will kick you back!”

call back

Form: call someone backMeaning: to return a phone contact to someone.

Example:Jane: “Hi Sarah.”Sarah: “Hi Jane. Ns can’t talk now. Ns will contact you ago tonight.”

write back

Form: write ago to someoneMeaning: To answer to who in writing.

Example:Manager: We have received an email from mr Jones.

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Jane: Yes i know. I will write earlier to the later.

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