A folded surface has much more surface area 보다 aflat surface.

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Imagine one accordion, whichlooks tiny when that bunched up, yet actually canbe extended out due to its folds. So,how doesthis relate to the mitochondria?

Inside the mitochondria, chemistry reactions occurwhich develop energy for the cell. Among thesereactions wake up at the folded surface ar of theinner membrane. Before the reaction deserve to occur,charge is transported across this membrane,similar to charging a battery. This charge thenallows the energy-producing reaction to happen.Since the reaction wake up at the membranesurface, a urgent membrane through increasedsurface area have the right to produce much more energy for the cell.

Answer 2:

They rise the surface area of the innermembrane, enabling there come be an ext proteins andmore exchange the ions throughout the membrane,allowing the mitochondrion to carry out its project morequickly.

Answer 3:

The duty of the folds in ~ themitochondria is to rise the surface area ofthe mitochondrial membrane. Basically, thephysical kind of a structure can increase ordecrease its surface ar area come volume ratio. Forinstance, a sphere has actually the minimum surface area tovolume ratio, vice versa, a pyramid has actually a largersurface area come volume ratio. For example, if youhad a fixed volume of clay and also made it right into a ball or a pyramid, the pyramid would have actually alarger surface area.

The same concept applies to mitochondria thatby having a highly folded structure, castle increasethe surface ar area of their membrane.

The factor mitochondrial membranes need a highsurface area is due to the fact that the process of usingoxygen come make power is carried out ~ above thismembrane. The larger the surface ar area the thismembrane, the more room because that the membrane-boundcellular machinery that supplies oxygen to makeenergy. Therefore, because that a cabinet to do energyat a high rate, the folds are necessary.

Answer 4:

The function of the wrinkle in mitochondria isto rise the surface area. This innerfolded part of the mitochondria (the innermembrane) is responsible because that cell respiration (theprocess of breaking under carbohydrates (sugars) tomake energy). Part of cabinet respiration happens bytransferring molecules across the inside membrane,so by including folds, a much longer piece that membranecan it is in stuffed inside the mitochondria.

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Thisincreases the amount of molecule that deserve to betransferred throughout it.Increasing surface ar area have the right to be watched in countless otherparts that the body too. For example, absorb ofnutrients in ours digestive mechanism happens in thesmall intestine. Nutrients need to be moved acrossthe wall of the tiny intestine to be absorbed. Weincrease absorb by do the intestine reallylong, however on the within it is also really folded (instructures called "villi") i beg your pardon increasesthe surface ar area so an ext absorption have the right to occur.