Jackie Chan has dished the end acrobatic beatdowns through punches, kicks and also the sometimes stepladder in over 140 movies, so it renders sense to assume the the male knows his means around a Kung Fu fight. Well, a staged and also elaborately choreographed one, in any kind of case. We"ll most likely never know how well he"d perform in a real one unless he develops a sudden interest in MMA, however given the the man is well right into his sixties, that seems a tiny unlikely. 

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Let"s clear up for the next best thing, then, and also look into Chan"s formal fight training. Together Biography speak us, Chan was once thought about to it is in the "next Bruce Lee." He has been training because he to be seven, and even finished up arising his own fighting style. That hints at a relatively robust face-kicking pedigree. However, except martial arts, his studies involved "drama, acrobatics and singing," the layout he developed leaned heavily on "screwball physics comedy," and his cultivate took ar at the Chinese Opera research Institute of Hong Kong. This focus on entertainment makes him seem considerably less hardcore together a fighter, uneven you consider someone belting opera arias while jump-kicking a specifically heinous offensive maneuver (which, involved think of it, can be true). So, let"s look at the ultimate tale of the tape: How numerous black belts go Jackie Chan have?

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Jackie Chan has only one "official" black belt, and as Hammerhead MMA educates us, it"s a relatively surprising one. In spite of being traditionally linked with various develops of Kung Fu, that part of his training is performative Chinese opera instead of really combat training. Since these approaches looked somewhat unrealistic in movies and lacked superior kicks (especially after Bruce Lee introduced his high-kicking style), Chan take it up the South oriental martial art of Hapkido to improve his game. His instructor was originally unimpressed v Chan"s kicks, yet the movie star functioned hard, enhanced quickly, and also earned a black color belt. In fact, Chan came to enjoy Hapkido methods so lot that he has been recognized to teach them come his stunt men for included realism.

So, yeah. Maybe Chan"s "traditional" martial arts pedigree doesn"t precisely rival the of Chuck Norris. However, he does still have actually that one black belt, plenty of onscreen demonstrations the his physics prowess, some pretty extensive stuntman experience, and a well-documented capability to soak incredible quantities of damages — Erie News Now tells united state he"s experienced over 50 nasty injuries between 1975 and 2005 alone. Nevertheless of his official training, we"d to speak that"s an ext than enough to enable him his condition as a bona fide martial art legend.