‘Paul Blart: mall Cop’ is about a solitary father, Paul Blart (Kevin James), who dream is to it is in a police officer through the brand-new Jersey State Police. As result of hypoglycemia, he could not clear the physical exam and also instead walk on to end up being a security guard in ~ a mall in West Orange. His sense of duty provides Paul conquer his hurdles and also eventually end up being the “hero that saves the day.”

Directed through Steve Carr, the 2009 film to be a substantial hit amongst the viewers, although the was no well obtained by the critics. It ended up being the an initial film from Happy Madison Productions, which walk not function Adam Sandler on-screen, to collection over $100 million. It likewise features Raini Rodriguez, Shirley Knight, Jayma Mays, Keir O’Donnell, Bobby Cannavale, and Gary Valentine. Permit us easily take you v where this film was shot!

Paul Blart: mall Cop Filming Locations

Paul Blart stays in West Orange, new Jersey, and takes increase a job at the West Orange Pavilion Mall as a security guard. In situation you’re wondering around the location of the fictitious mall whereby his misadventures take it place, right here are the particular details!


The production team initially wanted to film ‘Paul Blart: shopping center Cop’ in ~ Willowbrook shopping center in brand-new Jersey however did not obtain permission. To produce the West Orange Pavilion Mall, three malls offered as the filming sites. The interiors to be filmed in ~ Burlington Mall, with the filming done mainly at night. Because the story that the film takes location on a “Black Friday,” the mall to be decorated for Christmas, return the filming was lugged out in between March and June the 2008.

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However, the architecture and construction of the mall walk not enable some aerial stunts such together the renowned elevator scene, which to be filmed at the south Shore Plaza in Braintree.

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The Northshore Mall, located on 210 Andover Street in Peabody, also contributed to developing the on-screen West Orange Pavilion Mall.


In the film, Paul’s house is actually located on 34 Keith Street, Boston, in West Roxbury, and also the surrounding locations serve as Paul’s neighborhood in the film. The airport step at the finish of the film was likewise shot in Massachusetts, at the Hanscom field Airport in Bedford.