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ax 1. What kind of cells contain chloroplasts?
Definition Plant cells and some algae save chloroplasts.

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Term 2. What is the energy autotrophs (organisms the make their very own food prefer plants) use to make their own food?
Definition Autotrophs usage the sunlight to do their own food.
Term 3. The food making procedure is dubbed ________________.
Definition Photosynthesis
Term 4. What are the raw materials for photosynthesis?
Definition The raw materials for photosyntheis are carbon dioxide, water, and energy.
Term 5. What basic sugar is created during photosynthesis?
Definition Glucose

6. What gas is used during photosynthesis?

What gas is released throughout photosynthesis?


Used? Carbon Dioxide

Released?  Oxygen

Term 7. Whereby are many photsynthetic cell in tree found?
Definition Most photosynthetic cell in tree are discovered in the leaves.
Term 8. About how countless chloroplasts have the right to be found in photosynthetic cells?
Definition Thousands of chlorplasts can be uncovered in photosynthetic cells.
Term 9. How many membranes surround a chloroplast?
Definition The chloroplastic is a twin membrane-bound structure, so two membranes surround it.
Term 10. The external membrane of a chloroplast is ___________.
Definition The external membrane is smooth.
Term 11. The separation, personal, instance SACS created by the within membrane of chloroplasts are referred to as ______________ and are arranged in ______________ favor pancakes.
Definition The individual SACS created by the within membrane are called thylakoids and are arranged in stacks favor pancakes.
Term 12. What colours is uncovered inside a thylakoid? What color will it be?
Definition The pigment found inside the thylakoid is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a green pigment.
Term 13. Various other pigments that trap sunshine in chloroplast are dubbed _________ pigments. What colors are these pigments?
Definition Other pigments the trap sunlight are called accessory pigments. Accessory pigments space red, orange, yellow, and brown.
Term 14. Stacks the thylakoids are dubbed _________ (plural) or granum (singular).
Definition 14. Stacks the thylakoids are dubbed grana (plural) or granum (singular).
Term 15. Stacks or grana are connected to each various other by _________.
Definition Stacks or grana are linked to each various other by lamellae.
Term 16. Why room mitochondria referred to as the powerhouse the the cell?
Definition Mitochondria are dubbed the powerhouse that the cell, because they "burn" or break the chemical bonds of glucose come release power to do work in a cell.
Term 17. What cell process occurs in mitochondria?
Definition The cell process that occurs in mitochondria is aerobic cellular respiration.
Term 18. Why execute some cell have an ext mitochondria than others? provide an example.
Definition Some cells have more mitochondria than others, due to the fact that some cells are more active. A good example is a muscle cell.
Term 19. What straightforward sugar is damaged down in the mitochondria?
Definition The straightforward sugar damaged down in mitochondria is glucose.
Term 20. Whereby does power in glucose come indigenous ORIGINALLY?
Definition The power in glucose originally comes from the sun.
Term 21. Where is this power stored in glucose?
Definition The power in glucose is save on computer in the chemical bonds.
Term 22. Why is to move respiration one aerobic process?
Definition Cellular respiration is one aerobic process, since it needs oxygen.
Term 23. What power is released as soon as the chemical bonds the glucose room broken?
Definition When the chemical bonds in glucose space broken, ATP is released because that the cell to use.
Term 24. Surname two other organelles besides the mitochondria the contain DNA and have a dual membrane.
Definition Two various other organelles the contain DNA and have a double membrane space chlorplasts and also the nucleus.
Term 25. Describe the external membrane the the mitochondria.
Definition The outer membrane the the mitochondria is smooth.
Term 26. Why is the inner mitochondrial membrane folded?
Definition The inside mitochondrial membrane is convoluted right into folds come increase surface ar area.
Term 27. What room the crease of a mitochondria called?
Definition The convoluted folds are called cristae.
Term 28. What go ATP was standing for?
Definition ATP represents adenosine triphosphate.
Term 29. What three key things make up an ATP molecule?
Definition Three points that comprise an ATP molecule space the nitrogen-containing base, a 5-carbon sugar, and 3 phosphate groups.
Term 30. How many high-energy bonds are discovered in ATP?
Definition ATP has two high-energy bonds.
Term 31. Where room the high-energy bonds discovered in ATP?
Definition The high-energy bond are uncovered between the phosphate groups.
Term 32. What helps undermine these bonds so energy can be released and also then later aid reform them?
Definition Enzymes help threaten these bond so power can it is in released and then later assist reform them.
Term 33. Once ATP loses a phosphate group _________ is released for cells and ta molecule the ________ forms.
Definition When ATP loser a phosphate team energy is released for cells and also ta molecule of ADP forms.
Term 34. What is the power molecule the the cell called?
Definition The energy molecule of the cabinet is referred to as ATP.
Term 35. What macromolecule do by tree is "burned" in the mitochondria.
Definition In the mitochondria, glucose and other carbohydrates are "burned" throughout cellular respiration.
Term 36. Where is chlorophyll found in the chloroplast?
Definition Within the chloroplast, chlorophyll is discovered in the thylakoids.
Term 37. In which part of the plant would you suppose to find the most chloroplasts and also why?
Definition You would intend to discover the most chloroplasts within the leaves, since photosyntheis occurs in the pipeline of plants.
Term 38. Just how would the variety of mitochondria in one insect"s wing to compare to the amount uncovered in the various other cells in one insect"s body? Explain.
Definition The variety of mitochondria uncovered in an insect"s wing would certainly be more numerous, since the insect"s primary mode of locomotion room the wing (muscle cells in the wings help it move.)
Term 39. What space the raw products of photosynthesis?
Definition The raw materials of photosynthesis space carbon dioxide, water, and energy.
Term 40. What product the photosynthesis is provided in to move respiration?
Definition The product that photosynthesis provided in cellular respiration is glucose (sugar).
Term 41. What is the benefit of having a folded within membrane of the mitochondria.
Definition A mitochondria has actually a folded inside membrane to rise the surface area.
Term 42. What is the energy for photosynthesis?
Definition The energy for photosynthesis is the sunlight.

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Term 43. Besides chlorophyll, what other pigments are discovered in chloroplasts?
Definition Besides chlorophyll, red, orange, brown, and yellow accessory pigments are uncovered in chloroplasts.