new Formulation Skittles space Gelatin-Free; Starbursts & GummiBursts save on computer Non-Kosher Gelatins

by Jeanne Yacoubou, research study Director

The freshly reported the Skittles™ candy includes gelatin. Us were called this info in November 2010 through a customer business representative in ~ Wrigley, the company that manufactures Skittles™. At the time, us were told that Starburst™ and also Skittles™ candy, both produced by Wrigley, included the same ingredients, including gelatin (in this case, non-Kosher, beef-derived gelatin). That was explained to united state that various ingredient proportions and also preparation techniques brought about two distinct candies.

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A reader composed in stating the Skittles™ had adjusted its formulation in 2010 and also was currently gelatin-free. The went earlier to Wrigley for confirmation.

In December 2010, two other customer service representatives told united state that at some unspecified date in "early" 2009, Skittles™ underwent a cooking recipes reformulation that removed the gelatin. Because the Skittles™ shelf life is seventy-two weeks, there may still be some old-formulation Skittles™ include gelatin on store shelves. The firm could no specify whereby nor just how much older formulation Skittles™ remain on save shelves. "Gelatin" would certainly be listed on the label.

If gelatin is not noted on a Skittles™ label, customers deserve to be certain that that is the more recent formulation Skittles™ that does no contain gelatin. This more recent formulation Skittles™ will have actually the phrase "gelatin-free" noted in the ingredients panel on that label.

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Readers might be interested to recognize that Starburst™ still does save non-Kosher beef-derived gelatin. Wrigley's GummiBursts™ save non-Kosher pork-derived gelatin.

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