Check the end these 6 minor progressions… They’ll occupational in verses, choruses, or everywhere you require them.____________

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I ordered her e-books, and I to be absolutely loving them. I"ve only really recently started writing songs (I"ve written four...but all within the last week!), and also the information you offer is exceptionally useful. So, say thanks to you!

SueLos Angeles, California, USA

I want to permit you recognize that ns am fully enjoying her e-books. Ns think they room brilliant and also fabulous to learn by. I have written medical texts before and the secret is to no talk down to people, do it understandable and also you’ve done an exceptional job on that.

Phillip Tirman, MDCalifornia, USA

As a beginner, I have actually visited a variety of sites supplying music lessons and also I find your site an ext trainee friendly. The material presentation is no only specific but also particular for straightforward grasp. I thought I should commend you because that the an excellent work. God bless.

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Hi Gary, I simply love every one of your e-books. I execute hip hop as well as other formats like r&b, neo soul, and jazz. I frequently refer to your e-books for inspiration. You have actually been stellar in mine book. Keep it coming.


I recently bought your arsenal of e-books on tune writing, chord changes and also creating harmonies and I would as with to let friend know how pleased ns am v them. They have actually very plainly answered so many of the things around music writing which I"ve never been able come really find a clean answer come before. My passionate for track writing has actually just come back with a vengeance! many thanks!