When us planned our expedition to the islands of Hawaii last year, of course we watched "Lilo & Stitch," the beloved Disney man movie based in Hawaii, to obtain even more excited around our adventures.

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You may understand that we are large Disney fans, frequenting Disney World, Disneyland, and we freshly enjoyed our an initial Disney Cruise.

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I ended up researching the movie a little to check out where the inspiration and ideas came from, and also I uncovered that the town that Lilo and Nani live in is based off of the genuine Hawaiian city of Hanapepe situated on the gorgeous island that Kauai.

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As a Disney fan, when you find that you can actually visit the home of "Lilo & Stitch," that side trip is automatically added to the plans!

The town was preferred for that vintage, authentic, sleepy quality, so, that course, it"s no a vast tourist destination. We actually love areas that are an enig gems. Resorts, crowds and to buy centers just don"t equal Hawaii or a Hawaiian endure to us.

After a morning at Kauai"s Waimea Canyon and lunch of very delicious shrimp, we headed for Hanapepe!

The just reference to "Lilo & Stitch" in Hanapepe is a painted mural top top the north Aloha Theatre. Us were actually glad the they didn"t go overboard v the Disney recommendations or shot to capitalize on it. The charm that this town is the authenticity.

Hanapepe"s number one attraction is the historical Hanapepe Swinging Bridge, developed in 1911 because that locals to easily cross the river. Of course, we had actually to go inspect it out.


Right near the bridge, we found a good little shop called Aloha summer sprouts Company. They market spices that are made ideal there in Kauai. We love shopping neighborhood when we travel, and also we love trying new things, for this reason taste-testing some made-in-Hawaii spices was appropriate up ours alley.

The Aloha Spice firm makes a variety of spices, rubs, and seasonings, and most that them to be on a table to be tasted. Ns absolutely loved the black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt, not just for the quality, but due to the fact that it reminds me so much of the lava and also black sand beaches the Hawaii.

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If you"d like to order a couple of of this Hawaiian spices, examine out the Aloha Spice company website.

Overall, us absolutely loved the little town that Hanapepe. It"s together a good change of speed from large, tourist-filled areas like Waikiki. This is real Hawaii. The people, the buildings, and the swinging leg were every charming. We entirely see why Hanapepe stole the mind of the animators of Disney"s "Lilo & Stitch"!

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Thanks because that letting united state visit, Hanapepe! us hope to view you again!

Have you saw Hanapepe? What is her favorite Hawaiian town? let us understand in the comment below! We"d love come hear indigenous you!