Emily’s House

Emily’s house, like Emily herself, is a monument, the only remaining emblem of a dying civilization of southern aristocracy. The external of the large, square framework house is lavishly decorated. The cupolas, spires, and also scrolled balconies space the hallmarks the a decadent style of architecture that came to be popular in the 1870s. By the moment the story takes place, much has actually changed. The street and neighborhood, at one time affluent, pristine, and also privileged, have actually lost your standing as the kingdom of the elite. The residence is in some means an expansion of Emily: the bares that is “stubborn and coquettish decay” to the town’s residents. It is a testament to the endurance and preservation of tradition yet now appears out that place amongst the noodle wagons, gasoline pumps, and also other industrial trappings that surround it—just together the South’s old values space out of place in a an altering society.

Emily’s house additionally represents alienation, mental illness, and death. It is a shrine come the living past, and also the sealed upstairs bedroom is she macabre trophy room wherein she conservation the male she would not permit to leave her. As once the team of males sprinkled lime along the structure to against the stench that rotting flesh, the townspeople skulk along the edges of Emily’s life and also property. The house, prefer its owner, is an item of fascination because that them. They task their very own lurid fantasies and also interpretations ~ above the not correct edifice and mysterious number inside. Emily’s fatality is a opportunity for them come gain accessibility to this forbidden realm and also confirm their wildest notions and also most sensationalistic suppositions about what had developed on the inside.

The Strand of Hair

The strand of hair is a reminder of love lost and also the frequently perverse things world do in their quest of happiness. The strand the hair also reveals the inner life the a mrs who, in spite of her eccentricities, to be committed to living life on her own terms and also not submitting her behavior, no matter how shocking, to the approval that others. Emily subscribes to she own ethical code and occupies a world of her own invention, where also murder is permissible. The narrator foreshadows the exploration of the long strand the hair on the pillow when he defines the physical revolution that Emily undergoes together she ages. Her hair grows more and much more grizzled till it becomes a “vigorous iron-gray.” The strand that hair at some point stands together the last vestige the a life left come languish and decay, lot like the human body of Emily’s previous lover.

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