#renewablesSolaincrease Your Rooftop

The Sun is a renewable source of energy and also is just one of the cleaswarm resources.

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I have a close and individual connection via the Sun. I am named after him as I was born on a Sunday!

The Sun is an infinite (at leastern in terms of human time scales) and also renewable resource of power which is likewise by far the the majority of important resource of power for us. Primary performance (photosynthesis) is pushed by sunlight and all our fossil fuels are derived from plants which existed numerous years ago.


Unfortunately choose many points that Nature gives us and also especially once it is gave for cost-free without any type of demands being made, we people tfinish not to respect or worth it and also in reality very regularly finish up abusing it. The symptoms of this abusive and also dyspractical relationship that we contemporary humans have with Nature, is the reason for many of the existential problems we face this particular day. This has – climate readjust, contamination of air, water and also land also, widespread change, fragmentation and also damage of herbal ecosystems and also increased extinction of species. Several of the equipped disputes, considerable and also desperate humale migration, some of the outbreaks of new diseases and also the widespreview degradation of psychological health all have their roots in the method we have treated nature in the name of advancement. In fact eco-friendly deterioration has been one of the significant factors resulting in the collapse of at leastern some of our prehistoric civilisations and we would certainly err greatly if we are not discovering our lessons from history.

‘Connecting People to Nature’, is the layout for World Environment Day 2017. My take on this is that we are all virtually always linked to Nature despite our finest initiatives to disconnect ourselves! A basic but exceptionally crucial activity like breapoint calls for oxygen to be existing in the environment and also it is Nature that geneprices this oxygen. It is time that we acunderstanding the debt we owe to Nature and also substantially adjust our attitude in the direction of her.

For me it is basically necessary to respect and connect via Nature almost eincredibly minute of my life. This can only happen through an perspective which does not fear Nature however embraces her via curiosity, wonder, respect and also love. Unfortunately decision making this day is based upon arrogance obtained from our clinical expertise and modern technology, propelled by short-lived financial benefits and hunger for power. The lack of a long-term see and also respect for nature undermines the sustaincapability of our development models.


You have to be a creationist to believe that we are not part of Nature! Fortunately most of us are not. We are likewise fortunate that Indians have traditionally revered Nature and its myriad manifestations which is among the standard reasons for India still to have thriving populations of innumerable species of wildlife despite its 1.3 billion human populace and also their requirements on space and sources.

It is extremely straightforward to affix via Nature. I carry out it by spfinishing time in the garden, tfinishing to plants, watching birds, butterflies and also insects; segregating our waste and composting; experiencing sunclimb and also suncollection and also I might go on. It is really limited only by one’s perspective and also powers of observation.

Given the urgent require for us to minimize and reverse the pernicious effects of climate adjust, I urge every one of us to make our finest efforts to minimize the usage of fossil fuels and to begin tapping right into renewable sources of power particularly solar. This is both the ideal point to perform and also it additionally has actually financial and social benefits.

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As I sit at my office desk and also create, I am looking at many type of substantial bee hives on a massive silk cotton tree. Nature is at work-related oblivious to the chaotic traffic and human tasks just about 15 metres below!

Best wishes to everyone on World Environment Day. I sincerely hope that all of us will certainly treat eextremely day of our lives as World Environment Day and let me ascertain you, we will all be the better for it both individually as well as collectively.