There are ideas sprinkled transparent Chilling Adventures the Sabrina’s first season to indicate the Spellmans can have one extra mystery lurking in their family members tree, and also it’s one the fans the Sabrina the Teenage Witch mental all also well: Sabrina could have one evil pair out there.

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Monstrous spoilers follow for all of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1.

Chilling Adventures that Sabrina was only simply released on Netflix critical Friday, and in the very first episode, Sabrina has a vision in which she parents tend to a crying baby. Yet as Sabrina looks closer, she finds the there are two babies — and one of those babies has actually cloven feet as with Satan’s monstrous form.

Oddly, the twins in this vision aren’t particularly addressed in the series, yet over the course of the adhering to nine episodes, us do discover that visions of this type are never quite literal. The twins could be a prize of Sabrina’s double nature as half-witch, half-mortal or this might even mix in a dash the foreshadowing about Father Blackwood having actually twins in ~ the end of the season.


Later in the series, Sabrina’s friend Rosalind “Ros” pedestrian finds out that she going remote and likewise gaining a psychic power her grandmother call “The Cunning,” providing her otherworldly visions. In one certain vision, she peers right into Limbo and also sees Harvey’s dead brother, however Sabrina likewise appears there as an ancient crone v a rope about her neck. Yet when Sabrina actually goes there, she’s just holding a piece of red string.

In every instance, this visions are never ever literal. They offer revealing details around past, present, and future, yet much that what the characters see is merely symbolic. Therefore there’s proof that we can not desire to take this totality twin thing too seriously and that the cloven-footed twin is simply a depiction of Sabrina’s darker nature.

Speaking of Limbo, while there, Sabrina bumps into the heart of her mom Diana that says, “They took my baby after the baptism.” previously in the series, it’s revealed that Diana and Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda had actually Sabrina baptized just days before her father Edward and Aunt Zelda promised she to the dark mr by signing her surname in the publication of the beast. Is Diana just referring to this? Or did someone actually take the baby the was i was baptized away, and that baby still out there?


There’s additionally the potential important link to the Sabrina the Teenage Witch sitcom series, wherein Sabrina Spellman spends several periods training to get her Witch License. One task she must complete is to uncover the Spellman family members secret. That secret is the everyone in the family is born with a twin, and one of lock is evil. Sabrina is the “good” one and her sister Katrina is “evil.” Both she aunts likewise have angry counterparts as well. (Contrary come what part think, Hilda and also Zelda are not twins.)

When Zelda decides to abduct one of Lady Blackwood’s pair babies in the Season 1 finale, she says, “But we have the right to raise her. We’ve done it before.” Is she introduce to increasing a young witch as they did v Sabrina? Or is she referring more specifically come stealing a infant twin and raising it together their own?

Chilling Adventures the Sabrina sends out a many of blended signals when it concerns this “Sabrina has a twin” theory, so who knows how much is misdirection as opposed to genuine hints? it’s a good thing that Netflix is already fast at job-related on Season 2.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2 has no shown release date, but it’ll more than likely be October 2019 if we had actually to guess.