The mutual or multiplicative inverse of a number x is the number which, as soon as multiplied through x , offers 1 .

So, the product that a number and also its mutual is 1 . (This is sometimes called the building of reciprocals .)

instance 1:

3 × 1 3 = 1

for this reason the mutual of 3 is 1 3 (and the reciprocal of 1 3 is 3 .)

instance 2:

− 4 779 × 779 − 4 = 1

therefore − 4 779 and − 779 4 room reciprocals.

keep in mind that zero has actually no mutual .

Reciprocals are offered to solve simple linear equations, for instance:

− 2 11 x = 3

to solve, multiply both sides by the reciprocal of − 2 11 .

( − 11 2 ) ( − 2 11 ) x = ( − 11 2 ) ( 3 )

x = − 33 2

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